PQC: Is this for REAL? Is it why the MSM does not want to investigate or discuss? Where are other former Reagan’s high officials? Why have they remained silent? Have they recognized this extraordinary man? If this is a HOAX, what is its purpose?

WANTA!BlackSwan, White Hat :     A biography every Fellow American must read and understand.

Written and Authored by Ambassador Lee E. Wanta

Edited By Lon Gibby

 A biography every Fellow American must read and understand!

This is the only authorized biographyof , Lee/Leo Emil Wanta. The events and characters described herein have beenresearched as thoroughly as it is possible. This story continues to generatenew information which will require that new chapters, links, and documents beadded and updated in the future.   Theopinions and facts expressed in this manuscript are solely the opinions Lee(a/k/a Leo) Emil Wanta,  the author anddo not represent the opinions or thoughts of the publisher Viking InternationalLLC.  Documents that help prove theaccuracy of statements made are linked via either the Internet or via acomputer disk , data stick that may accompany this book in it hard back orpaper back format. 





Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat

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The only Authorized Biography of the Personal Intelligence Coordinator for President Ronald Wilson Reagan, Lee/Leo Emil Wanta, … the $27.5 trillion man.

                 FOREWORD & INTRODUCTION   

                              By  Lon Gibby    Editor 

                                          WANTA! Black Swan, White Hat 

Most people are very confused when trying to find accurate information about Lee Wanta because so much has been written about him that is only half truth or is a deliberate  lie.  This book was published online so the Author  Ambassador Lee Wanta could provide copies of documents to verify as factual  what he is saying about his life and the first hand experiences described in this book .   These documents come from various sources… from Ambassador Wanta, from the Ronald Reagan Library, personal information , from courts in Switzerland, New York, California, Wisconsin, Mississippi, from prison personnel who knew him, and from many other resources as well.

Whenever people  hear about  Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta, they  often times will shake their heads in disbelief and  question how could one man have ever have  created a $27.5 trillion fortune.  The next question is “ where is the fortune today and who controls it” ? Lee  Wanta a private citizen maintains this money  belongs to the American people. It has been in the hands of other people since the early nineties.

The identities of the  people who stole  Lee Wanta’s money,  or “converted” as they call it, is revealed in this timely biography. Some of them have held the highest offices in the land… in the political and intelligence worlds and in our system of justice in our courts… and in our Congress and our military. They are not happy to have this biography published in anyway, including,   print, electronic, audio or documentary film, but the American public deserves to know. They have tried to keep this story untold hoping it would die with Lee Wanta, but he is still alive and his story is being told now and more of it will be told in the future. This work represents only a portion of the volume of documents and content   that he and his people will release in the future if required. 

This is the life story about a great man and an American Patriot.  This is not an  Ian Fleming Fleming novel but  Lee Wanta is like a James Bond.   The difference is this story is real and true.  Remember, again this is a biography, not a novel.  It is a  story about the lies  of government versus the integrity and honesty of one man who loves his country.  Some of lies discussed involve what happened to Manuel Noriega in Panama. NORIEGA ARTICLES  They involve the Iran-Contra scandal, Osama bin Laden and stinger missiles. STINGER MISSILES.  They involve a Vice President who, according to America’s top Secret Agent, Lee  E. Wanta, became President and brought with him into office an organized criminal cabal that resulted in the theft of trillions of dollars belonging to the American people. His story involves well-known people like Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster, George Herbert Walker and George W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, George Soros, Vladimir

Putin, and many other recognizable names. The story is filled with intrigue that involves the Soviet Union, stinger missiles, Osama /Usama bin Laden – or, Tim Osman as he was known when he was a CIA agent.  

The many lies that will be addressed in this book can be verified by international journalists who are currency experts. In Watergate, the cover up turned out to be   more serious than the original crime. In this case the original crimes and the subsequent cover-up are equally terrible and wrong.  Every possible effort was made and is still being made to cover up there tracks to this very day. Based on what I have learned in the documentary research I believe these people want to control and write history their own way by withholding the evidence and truth. They want to protect a false legacy.  I believe we all deserve to know the truth. The biography will help and the detailed links that are supplied with it.  You need to understand what happened to Ambassador Lee  E. Wanta because his life has had a major impact on yours, even if you’ve never heard his name. It will continue to impact the lives of your children and grandchildren.

I thought it would be helpful to set the foundation for this entire biography by sharing with the readers an article I wrote  for Veterans Today,  called PuppetGate.  It was published in September 17th 2014. Please read this before you begin the Lee Wanta Biography to understand what has been the driving forces behind the issues all of us are facing.  At the end of the Biography please read the second article PuppetGate   What every fellow American needs to know . This concluding article attached to this book which will transition you from Lee’s biography into  what is going on right now in our Great Nation and in the World.   I’m calling PuppetGate  the mother of all political and criminal  cover up’s and conspiracy’s. Clearly in direct violation of  current RICO statutes.  Ambassador Lee E. Wanta’s timely Biography helps to clear up the confusion and brings hope back that we can get our nation in line with our Constitution.  We the People and by the People. 

Lon Gibby


Viking International, LLC

              PuppetGateTM  By Lon Gibby  / CEO of Gibby Media Group, Inc.

     The following illustrationand article explains what Puppet Gate is.

Here is the explanation of  PuppetGate ,  how I came upon it,  and why I named it  this.  I have been working on a new documentary film entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”. It is the compelling story about President Reagan, and how he  brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without firing a shot.  President Reagan and his secret agent, Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta, masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the 

Soviet Union( Evil Empire)  and put together and negotiated an  agreement with Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev and helped develop the General Agreement of cooperation.  As a result the Russian Federation was born and future generations throughout the entire world have enjoyed more safety from a nuclear holocaust because of this effort. Working directly under President Reagan as a private citizen, there is a man named Ambassador Lee Wanta. Lee was mandated by President Reagan under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] as a secret agent to be in charge of this effort.  In this process Lee Wanta did amass trillions of dollars that were designated to go back to the American people by President Reagan.  In his effort to carry out his mandate,  Lee Wanta was imprisoned  and the monetary  funds and financial instruments that were his to distribute as planned,  were stolen or converted  illegally  by an organization known as the Federal Reserve System and used by them to this day.  Later in 2006 an US District Court Judge mandated and ordered that these converted funds be returned back to Lee with interest accruals.   It’s hard to understand why, after eight years since this order was given by a US Judge, that these private funds are still retained elsewhere.   When Lee Wanta receives his private  funds back it will be in the amount of 31.2 trillion dollars. He promised under an oath to President  Reagan that after he pays his repatriation taxes on this money he earned as director general in his Austrian based  company, Lee has pledged to eliminate overnight  our national debt (approximately 18 trillion), and our 1.8 trillion International trade deficit at once.  He also will pay certain sovereign nations what they were promised in the  Reagan-Mitterrand protocols.  This includes the French, Chinese, English and Russian

Governments, where billions were promised.  With the remaining funds left over he plans to  develop and create new innovative businesses that could employ over 2 million people in the USA alone.  

The Hand : Who and what is the Federal  Reserve,  sometimes called the FED?  It’s not a bank like so many of our citizens are  led to believe. The word  FED means nothing when applied to this organization. It could mean FED-UP!   Here is what I learned as a documentarian, film maker  and simple small business owner.  I learned that the Federal Reserve is not a bank and it is not  a part of  our government.  It is not federal in any way, yet it somehow has control over  national and the world’s financial resources and impacts every American and person on the planet.   Just because it uses the name Federal does not make it federal. Federal Express was a brilliant marketing scheme which was successfully used to develop a brand. Many people believed  and still do believe that Federal Express or FEDEX was and is a federal organization.  It’s not!   At least FedEx is a real business,   whereas  the Federal Reserve is not a legitimate business or bank as we know it.  The Federal Reserve is a powerful private organization operating well outside the United States Constitution.  It has its roots way back to  1913 when Congress lawlessly approved the Federal Reserve Act that allowed a private group of families, gangs and  wealthy people the right to control the banking industry exclusively.  With a little research anyone can find out  that some of the people who run the Federal Reserve are not even Americans and represent foreign interests.  Besides setting interest rates and controlling all the banks’ money,  the private club called the Federal Reserve literally controls almost all aspects of our government on federal, state and county level.  It also   seeks to manipulate and control the world financial markets as well. The PuppetGate illustration will help you visualize how I understand  they control us with their five fingers. Just like a Puppet Master controls a marionette or a ventriloquist can speak for others, they have  learned how to control and manipulate each key area of our government and American society and parts of the world.  I have learned that the Federal Reserve operates with a team of  people who call  themselves, Puppet Masters. These are people  who are trained and  skilled at payola, manipulation, deception , bribery, blackmail and extortion. This secret combination is most powerful,  and they have support from all political  parties and from  well-known and respected politicians  from all parties both past and present.  No one likes to talk about them because they wield such power that even Presidents obey their commands. We have all heard and understand the saying, “Those that have the gold rules.”   They have the gold and they do rule. As history will prove, they have ruled in a selfish and brutal way with  little  regard for our citizens and the Constitution of our land.   The problem is in the case of Lee Wanta, they don’t own his gold and funds, but they have illegally taken and used his resources to sell trillions of dollars in worthless federal trade notes and derivatives and continue their   illegal campaign of puppetry on the citizens of the United States.  Remember that the Lee Wanta money was never theirs  to use in the first place.  The Wanta funds were mandated by President Reagan to go towards taking out our national debt, to improve our lives  and were to be used as outlined above.   Finally,  understand that the  massive Reserve bubble is about to burst because they do not have the resources or reserve  to back up what some are calling the mother of all  Ponzi schemes.   The only hope they have is to create a destabilized world by starting more wars by meddling in the affairs of other countries. Since 1913 War has been an essential part of the growth of the Federal Reserve. Who finances and makes lots of money on wars? They do.  Who suffers the effects of war?  The  people.  Today I believe we are seeing a desperate effort by those same puppet masters to destabilize the world and create more war. That is the pattern they have followed since 1913. It’s what history teaches us. I hope and pray we can learn from history and make the necessary changes in behalf of our people and all the future generations yet unborn. We should eliminate this unconstitutional organization that controls our lives and operates to control people and feed its own vain ambitions.  

Puppet Gate represents the analogy and parable of how I visualize the way our   government is currently operating.  Remember “They that control the gold rules,”   and that is the Federal Reserve, Supreme Puppet Master,  the big hand.  

The Thumb:  The thumb represents the banks and the strings attached to the entire banking industry. Under the banking thumb are big corporations and small businesses who get very little support (stimulus and loans), credit   bureaus and real estate which all require the blessings of banks.  Way down the string below another Puppet Master is the typical hard working American and small businesses owners who are the nation’s largest employers.  As we all know the thumb and the index finger are very strong and powerful when they operate synchronized together. The Federal Reserve hand or  the Supreme  Puppet Master can and does  manipulate  in many ways all the banking industry including interest rates , inflation, who gets loans and banking support  etc.

The Index  finger: This represents the US  Presidency  in the White House.  Notice the

Presidency has a longer string then the other fingers and has more strings to control under it.  The  longer the string the more room to move and be manipulated.   The NSA, and CIA all take orders from the President and his Cabinet. Strings to funding state governments can be pulled at any time if they are not following in line. Remember there are strings attached at every level. The Industrial Military Complex is under the index finger as well and must strive to maintain its funding levels  and needs  instability in the world to feed it.  The Treasury also answers to the President. It would be nice to know how much real gold we really have to back up our dollar.  No one seems to know! Yes, the index finger or Presidency has strings attached to the judicial arm of the government.  Remember who appoints our Supreme Court Justices.  The judicial side of our government as we all know now is not exempt from bribery, conspiracy, cronyism, and blackmail just like all the other parts of our government under the hand of the Federal Reserve.   

The middle finger: The middle finger controls the Congress,  and as you can see the string is very short. There is not  much room to move. Sometimes Congress is like a yo yo going up and down on the string.  The more divided  and contentious the better for the Supreme Puppet Master.  All political parties are manipulated by the fact that  elections and pork barrel bills are all funded ultimately by the Supreme Puppet Master Federal Reserve regardless of the source.  The hand influences and heavily controls who will stay in Congress for life and who must leave after short terms. Congress has lobbyist and political parties underneath them on a string. Unfortunately that’s about all it has going for it besides the people voters  who are also  sometimes  used as puppets to win  elections.   Most people agree today that elections are won on the amount of money spent and creative marketing and branding ploys that influence voters.  Money for this and how it is spent is controlled by the hand, Supreme Puppet Master,  Federal Reserve.  In Congress we see examples almost every day of how deeply divided they are. I feel they should be assigned seats like in high school to sit with each other and not in a big divided group.  On TV it emphasizes just how divided our country is when you see a whole block stand up and one block sitting down.  They do not seem to be able to agree on much of anything and waste precious resources a lot of times over pride and stubbornness.  Many elected officials do not show up (unless it is the State of the Union speech) to listen to the arguments and discussions,  and often simply vote as they are told by the Puppet Master above them.  Having a   Congress  that is dysfunctional means  that more Constitutional power is being  relinquished over to the index finger President. Congress is commissioned to pass laws to help our people, and thank goodness occasionally they do succeed despite the polarization.  But the fact is most often those who have the most money behind them will win. Congress is often times hypocritical, routinely breaking their own laws that they have passed.  This sets a bad example for the public and again, gives the hand more control over us.

The Ring finger:  The ring finger with its  gold ring band  represents the finger  that controls Wall Street. Lately Wall Street has been approaching record trading levels giving a false appearance the economy is growing.  It’s like a movie set that has a great façade of buildings on the street . When you walk behind the set you see they are propped up. The Wall Street  façade, props  and  bubble  will eventually collapse and  burst as it always does.  Who will lose the most money when this occurs?  Who is making money now off of Wall Street as the façade and  bubble grows? Certainly not many middle or lower class Fellow Americans are making much investment  money since their spendable income is at an all-time low. It appears an elite group is benefiting from Wall Street the way it is structured and controlled by the hand.  That will be the subject of another article later.

The smallest finger:   The small finger on the hand , the pinky, has a critical  job. It   controls the news media and press.  The  Free Press is not free with the a  string attached.  Today’s media  strings that are attached  would be  massive advertising contracts from both parties and plenty of money on the table to make sure some of the real news is suppressed. The conditions that allow a Free Press to function are not currently working as they should.  There are some news outlets trying hard to report the truth but some of them are easily silenced with money,  payola, bribes and threats that are real. The public, instead of having a watchdog, has a hamster to guard against the corruption and selfish interests of the hand.  The hand basically controls the Free Press in today’s world. I believe even social media is manipulated by experts in technology who have been paid well for their work, disruption, spam and hacking.   Election time is like winning the lottery for the Press and  News Media. The entertainment industry loves it  and benefits as well.  The more contention and polarization between candidates the better it for the elite news media and the little finger and  hand.  The contention and destabilizations distracts from the real  mission of the hand.  No campaign spending limits makes it a win –win for all elite media regardless of who wins and how it  impacts our country. There are a few bold organizations trying hard to report the truth but they all  dangle from a very fine  thread if they do not agree to be manipulated by the hand. .  

Evidence: Evidence of Puppet Gate can be found everywhere in our country and overseas. I believe this system of control  is so common place  that it is at all levels of government and big business. It has become the normal way to conduct business.  Just one example is that of a recent accidental message left on a phone call to Lee Wanta .  A former  state  governor and state representative  discussed how they expected to receive personal funds in upwards of 10 billion dollars  when Lee receives his  funds back.  The conversation goes on to plan a strategy to threaten and intimidate Ambassador Lee Wanta, if he does not give in. This conversation was published in Veterans Today and the attachment can be listened to. It’s only about six minutes but says a lot about Puppet Gate in general.  

 (Listen here) Sundquist and Songstad Conspire To Extort

  Good News:  The good news in all of this is that for a sore or boil to heal, sometimes the best thing that can happen is that it is drained or popped.  In order for a healing to take place and for us to get back to the pre- 1913 Untied States Constitution, I feel we need to remove the Federal Reserve now.  We need to make sure Lee Wanta has his funds returned as ordered by a US  District Court Judge. I believe he will do what’s right with these funds as outlined and he will follow the leadership and direction given him by President Reagan. We have wonderful citizens in America who care about our future.  Let’s encourage more qualified people from all ethnic backgrounds and walks of life to run for office and to step up to lead

 By the way… they all do not have to be attorneys at law.  We need to re-establish an ethical standard for our elected officials in America.   We need to work hard to elect good strong Americans to office and expect them to maintain a higher bar than what we see now. If you look closely at the Puppet Gate diagram you will see that our military is not dangling below the fingers or the hand.  Yes there is a Military Industrial Complex under the President. That is the big money and big business part of the military system. But our operational military is very well equipped and is made up of mostly honorable men and women sworn in to protect us and our Constitution from our enemies, both domestic and foreign. I believe the leadership of the military in basically strong and capable of helping to resolve any issues we now face if required.  Fortunately we do have a number of outstanding state governments that are setting great examples of fiscal responsibility which our federal government should learn and model themselves forever more.

Conclusion:   Everyone knows what a gate is since the 70’s.  By adding “puppet” to the word

“gate”  to get Puppet Gate we get a simple visual explanation of how things operate today in America.  This is not Howdy Duty time with Clarabell  the Clown or the Wizard of Oz.   There are strings attached, Kickbacks,  bribery , conspiracy,  blackmail, greenmail, extortion, payola  and real criminal activity. It’s now more common place in politics than at any other time in our history.   It’s at the top all the way down to the bottom.  Let’s change it back to our Founding Fathers’ original intention and plan so that the Hand is “  by the people and  for the people”,  and let’s work together and get back to the precious freedoms and liberty our constitution provides for. I’m just a small business owner, middle class family man, documentary, TV and film producer who is willing to share his opinion and thoughts. I love our country just like most Americans.   

Note: Lee Wanta was a former Presidential Secret Agent under the Totten

Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] under U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan, whom some experts consider to be our last legally and duly elected President. Ambassador Wanta served – under Presidential Mandate – as a close personal consultant to President Reagan and was credited with having a major role engineering an end to the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”.