By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – December 6, 20184

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Like many from my generation, who are still alive anyway, we grew up spending with care and fixing stuff ourselves.  As time has gone on, cars, motorcycles, power tools, appliances, computers, guns and guns, even restaurants and vacations, the internet has its own opinion on things and, in general, that opinion is fake.

I will make this short.  Most review sites for everything are fake.

Added to that are the lonely idiots who write about things they will never own, based on fake things they read elsewhere.  Bashing products, faking reviews is an industry, a financial game to blind do-it-yourselfers by putting out fake intel on everything.

Need info on a car problem?  Go online, most of what you will read on your Toyota or BMW or Ford truck was underwritten by reptile funds paid to troll groups in Israel or Macedonia, giving you repair data that will destroy anything you touch.

Brand bashing is the same thing, from guns to bikes to wall ovens, all of it is fake, with negative posts carried over from fake review sites even to Amazon.

It it weren’t bad enough that faking good or bad reviews is now an industry, you have the idiots.  Before VT opened a custom shop, Mike and I spent a few weeks on the gun boards.  Yes, there are some bright guys, real shooters out there.

However, most are hopeless fools, fabricationists and fakes, reviewing weapons that they will never own.  Then again, why do so many manufacturers build total junk, things that never work?

I take things apart, you don’t want to see the inside of a Chrysler automatic transmission, how much plastic is in there.

Then you have the super brands.  Try buying a $300 toaster.  It’s easy to do but a $10 Black and Decker will work better and last longer, better design and QC.

I just spent months ripping out a kitchen and replacing it.  This put me in fake appliance review town, oh god, not only are they all liars but illiterate as well.

Some products, Blue Star, Wolf, a few others, are monumentally good.  Others?  Everything written about this is a lie.

Motorcycle crap is worse.  Most who write about bikes, with the exception of high mileage Harley and BMW folks, and I have big respect for them, don’t ride at all.

Few ever get on a superbike and, for me anyway, it took endless hours to master pushing 600 pounds of 160 plus horsepower around city streets.  These monsters are top heavy with horrible seats but, when let loose on the highway, dance like Fred Astaire.

You either ride every day, ride hard and fast, or need to stay the f. away from motorcycles.

But if you read about them in “blogs,” god help you.  I live inside the motorcycle community much of the year, it is a lifestyle that supersedes politics, education and social crap.  You are “bike people” or not.

The other “worst part” isn’t the fakery but the censorship.  Real interest blogs, be it UFOs or refrigerator repair are delisted or shut down, replaced by the fakes.  Check.

It gets even worse for snow blowers, lawn tractors, power equipment with a very few sites for professional grade users and consumers victimized by industry financed fake reviews on fake sites.

I live with snow, lots of it, trees, thousands of them, and have to play landscape guy or lumberjack way too much.

Past that, I keep a machine shop for gunsmithing, and am a Not so Advanced woodworker, hoping to improve those skills.

As much as I hate YouTube, it has been a lifesaver though it delisted me and VT years ago as “dangerous to the public.”

For those who know what they are doing and put out videos where they don’t say “Hi YouTubers!,” I give my thanks.

There used to be a time when any of us could pull the heads on our Ford pickup and change a headgasket, deal with an oil leak or pull a distributor.  I remember changing a water pump on a Fiat 124 outside in the winter, a nightmare.

None of that is possible with today’s cars.

This reminds me of decades ago at the Rose Lake shooting range near Lansing, Michigan.  From time to time I would hustle ‘pudknockers’ who thought they could shoot.  Without a scope, few could cut a 24 inch group at 50 yards, even from a bench.

I had a couple of custom pistols that could do a bit better than that, perhaps much better.  It was fun.

Have we become a nation of fakes, dilettantes and mama’s boys?  Who can afford to hire anyone anymore?

Worse still, the crazy fake crap I read about politics and global events, so wrong its funny, is nothing compared to restaurant reviews and travel blog idiocy.

It seems that the whole idea is to create fake everything, everything you read or hear originates somewhere from people paid to lie to you.

Nobody knows where things come from and the same lies, the same useless craziness takes on a life of its own.  It’s one thing voting for an idiot, it’s quite something else dropping a Buick on your ass in the middle of a failed brake job.

Then again, we haven’t begun yet, as I won’t even talk about food supplements, cancer cures and “financial services.”

Time to return to making only things real people can fix.  Repair parts are impossible for so many things that were never made to be fixed in the first place.

I’ve got Mike Chester replacing a circuit board for a very expensive Dacor gas range, by “replace,” he has to actually make the board himself.  Parts don’t exist, you are supposed to simply throw away 400 pounds of $2000, only a few years old, and for what reason?

Do we need to get into computers and mobile phones?  How about operating systems?

Want to talk Facebook and Google, I warned the world years ago that they were designed to feed an AI, no other reason.  Mostly, I am sick of buying things that need fixing right out of the box.  I am sick of things that don’t work.

I am sick of being hustled, kitchen counter tops, polishing tools, lighting fixtures, that’s this week, nothing what it is supposed to be.  I could get a job designing real power tools, so many out there are childish fakes.

Printers where ink costs more than the printer?  Specialty saws whose blades cost more than the saw?

This is typical.

I look for comments.