September 2, 2015 Lorenz Kraus

It’s surprising what you can see in the Bible in light of Kevin MacDonald’s survival strategies.

If you read the Gospel of Matthew and Acts, you will come to realize that: Jesus intended to Christianize the Jews and only the Jews.

“I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Matthew 15:24)

Can’t get more clear than that. Jesus speaks, but the Gentiles didn’t listen.

This is a radical notion. It would invalidate all existing churches and all their Gentile missionary efforts, except churches involved in brute force-converting Jews to Christianity, since that’s the way die-hard Jews convert. As Jesus said, “Bring the sword!”

It is one thing to tell Europeans that god doesn’t exist, or that Europeans have their own gods, or that Christianity is an ineffective deterrent against the Jews, standard positions in the nationalist camp. It’s quiet another to say that Jesus didn’t want Gentiles to be Christians.  At most, Jesus wants you to Christianize the Jews and that’s it. Be the hunters, not the hunted.

There is plenty of support for the Jews-only thesis in the New Testament. The body and blood of Christ in the form of bread and wine was meant to be an artificial substitute for the appetite of the bloodsucking cannibal-like Jews. Greeks and Romans were not cannibals and were in no need of a reinvention of a deplorable ritual—child sacrifice. Jews were.

If Jesus wanted to efficiently Christianize the world, why not be born to a Roman emperor and reign?  Jesus, born among Jews, aimed to Christianize them, not the world. He was the Jew anti-Jew.

The Jews-only thesis helps us resolve the absurdities and contradictions of Jesus in terms of the two-faced Jews; by this we can clear the deck for the West’s post-Christian Renaissance. You have to remember who Jesus was talking to: Jews.  Apart from the Jews, his ideas don’t make sense.

With Jesus, always remember his audience: Jews.

What does Christianity consist of? Christianity is a P.O.C.S. on the Jews. In line with the vows of various orders, Christianity is a vow of Poverty, Obedience, Chastity, and Silence.

Can you think of anyone who needs poverty, obedience, chastity, and silence more than Jews?

Jews are the rich, law-breaking regulators; a sex-crazed perverted, vocal minority that loathes the Gentiles the world over. Christianity is perfect for them. It doesn’t make sense for the rest of the world to be given the P.O.C.S. of Christ.

Jews are arch-xenophobic collectivists. They love their family and hate the world. Jesus called for the opposite. Love the world and hate your family. This is ruinous to any group, but what group deserved to be ruined? The genocidal Jews.

The Jesus P.O.C.S. would destroy the Jews, if accepted voluntarily, and if brought to bear on them by armed force, they would surely be under the boot of the Gentiles (the Brutes of God). Christianity is dangerous and Jesus made it for you to use on the Jews, not your own kind. 

Jesus came to bring sword to the Jews, implying that Christianizers of the Jews, whoever they may be, must aim to force the Jews to be Christian: to be poor, obedient, chaste, and silent. What does it mean to be a Christian? Now you know. You don’t want to be Christian. You want the Jews to be Christian.

Jesus was King of the Jews. Not Emperor of the Gentiles.

That Jesus and the Apostles couldn’t bring armed force upon the Jews, the way Mohammed brought force upon Jews to convert them to Islam, is the reason why Christianity was deflected and redirected upon the Gentiles.

The Apostles were the low-hanging fruit that Jesus converted; after that resistance to Jesus grew. After Jesus died, the only way for Christianity to grow, was by wrongly converting Gentiles, instead of righteously and violently converting die-hard Jews, fulfilling the mission of Christ.

Once deflected, the Jesus P.O.C.S. brought vast ongoing Gentile destruction to the present day, including white genocide. We can stop it once people understand that Jesus meant to be a P.O.C.S. on the Jews, not on us. The Jews-only thesis is the basis for a new and urgent reformation in Christianity.

Once the Apostles ran out of easy to convert Jews, they betrayed Jesus. They began to convert and accept Gentiles. They abandoned the mission of Jesus.

The real message of Jesus was Christianize the Jews, not your own kind.

If you read Kevin MacDonald on Jewish rabbinical cults, and listen to Yuri Bezmenov on the art of subversion, you will realize that Jesus was a subverter of the Jewish rabbinical cults of the time. He wanted to de-construct the Jews to repair their megalomania and genocidal ways. Apparently, Jesus was split between violently destroying them (for lack of an army, he couldn’t) versus warning the world by his crucifixion: this is what happens when you are at the mercy of the Jews. He did what he could do and served as a warning.

For all the notions about Christianity and family values, some of the most familiar and insane anti-family notions come from Jesus himself. Here, Jesus pits Jew against Jew.

Speaking to Jews:

“I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother,” and spouses against their in-laws.

“One’s enemies will be those of one’s household.”

“Brother will hand over brother to death, father his child; children will rise up against their parents and have them put to death.”

“Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

Jesus denies a Jew compassion to bury his father. “Let the dead bury their dead.”

Let your father’s corpse rot!

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

“I have come not to bring peace, but the sword.”

Jews must revere recompense with heaven more than earthly blood relations, as Jesus does.

“Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” Jesus denies Jew blood nepotism. Jesus denies the significance of Jew family ties. They mean nothing to him.

Jesus wants Jew children to rat on their parents; sounds like the Stasi or Homeland Security or brother against brother fighting in the Civil War. Jesus offers no peace and love in the Jewish home. Abandon your family, and join the cult. Jesus does not offer the Jews family values. He wants to break up the Jewish family.

Since Jesus was speaking directly to a Jewish audience, you can see that Jesus had the goal of subverting the Jewish family and breaking family ties. Jews, he is telling them, should forget about their parents and children, their history and their future, their ancestors and their posterity. Jesus matters more than all of that. That’s great stuff, if you wanted to destroy the Jews. Jesus is a good role model for those who want to subvert the Jews.

Who claims to follow Jesus in subverting Jews?

What about peace and love, you ask? Love your (Gentile) neighbor as your self!

This message is for the Jews regarding their perception of Gentiles. Who puts themselves up above the Gentiles, as master of the world, and sees Gentiles as cattle? The Jews. Who needs the message of “love others as yourself?” The Jews.

The first shall be last? Who thinks of themselves as the first, the chosen ones, the closest to god, number one? Jesus tells them, Jews will be last. The rich shall be poor and the poor shall be rich. It’s about the Jews.

How do we know he is speaking to Jews? It says so:

Just before the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus “went around all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom.” He wasn’t going to Greek sporting venues, markets, farmers, Gentile law courts, Greek temples, and such.  He was seeking Jews. He was not a fisher of men, but a fisher of Jews. Jesus wanted to round up the Jews.

The Beatitudes are for Jews.

Jesus, speaking to the Jews, wants the arrogant Jews to be meek, to mourn, to be merciful, to be hungry, to be insulted and to like it.

Jesus had opposite messages that appear to be contradictions. However, understanding the two-faced Jews, there was an inner message and an outer message to suit the inner and outer attitudes that Jews have of themselves and the Gentile world.

The inner and the outer messages of Jesus were like a domestic and foreign policy for Jews.

This phenomenon could only mean Christianity is for the Jews. Jesus was teaching them the opposite message of two-faced Judaism, a dual message of his own, love the world and hate your family. His message doesn’t make sense to Gentiles. It makes sense to Jews.

Inside and among the Jews, Jesus brings family discord and death. Towards Gentiles, Jesus expects of Jews love and submission.

This is how to make sense of “I have not come to bring peace but the sword” and “love thy neighbor.” The apparent contradiction is resolved when illuminated by the context of two-faced Jews. These dual messages could not possibly suit simple one-faced naive Gentiles. To us, it makes no sense. These are contradictions. To Jews, it is a call to come down from the ceiling and join the human race.

Christianity couldn’t be conceived, unless Jesus was speaking to Jews and only Jews; his message was tailored to them and only them reversing what they live by.

Jesus was a genius at de-constructing the Jews. Understand that, and you understand Jesus and his subversive mission. Christianity is not for you, Gentile. There’s no room at the Christian inn for Gentiles. It’s Jews only.

Render under Caesar what is Caesar’s. Who is Caesar? Gentiles are the Caesar.

We are Caesar and the wealth of the Jews is ours.

Jesus reverses the Jewish dynamic. Jesus forges Jewish hyper-collectivism and zenophobia into Jewish fratricide and love for the outside world. If Europeans drink Christianity, we get brother wars and white genocide. Christianity is not for us. It’s for the Jews, to destroy them, as Jesus intended them to be destroyed. Jesus had no love for the Jews; the den of vipers.

Why can’t Christians respect Jesus? You’re supposed to follow in his footsteps, not those of the Christianized Jews. We are not supposed to be Christianized. The Jews are.

If necessary, we must Christianize the Jews and reduce them to poverty, obedience, chastity, and silence, as a matter of self-preservation. Are “Christians” up for it? Not if they walk in the footsteps of the anti-Christs.

Christian Zionism is work of the anti-Christ, where Christ means the word. It is the opposite of the words and aims of Jesus. John Hagee is the anti-Christ.

Christianity is not for Gentiles. If Jews didn’t exist, it couldn’t be conceived. Christianity is meant to save the world from the Jews.

Jesus tells Jews, not the Gentiles to, “offer no resistance to evil,” “turn the other cheek,” “when pressed into service for one mile, offer two,” “love your enemies.” This is a message to Jews, and explicitly not the pagans. (Matthew 5:38)

You’d want the Jews to drink from this cup.

Christianity is a means, “the sword,” to subvert the Jews and rip them out of power.

The Apostles abandoned Jesus.

What apparently happened was that the Jews who were receptive to joining Jesus joined as low-hanging fruit. The rest of the Jews were more resistant. Because of this resistance, the Apostles decided to Christianize easy to convert Gentiles, departing from the original intentions of Jesus.  This became Jew-servile Cuckianity.

To think Jesus wanted to convert everyone “to the ends of the earth” is mistaken because, even then, Jews were already an “international clique.” In the context of the time, spreading Christianity to the ends of the earth still meant Jews-only:

“Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven staying in Jerusalem.” (Acts 2:5)

These Jews were confused because each one heard a voice in their own language, though they came from Rome, Asia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Libya, you name it.  To these Jews, the P.O.C.S. of Christ was proclaimed. You Jews from the ends of the earth in Jerusalem now:

“You who are Jews…”

“You who are Israelites…”

Reduce yourselves to poverty!

“All who believed were together and had all things in common. They would sell their property and possessions and divide them among them according to each one’s need.” (Acts 2:44)

“No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common.” Acts 4:32

You can see the notion of spreading the P.O.C.S. around to the ends of the earth does not imply spreading it to Gentiles, but spreading it to the Jews wherever they reside, anywhere in the world, until every last Jew is Christianized.

Then, there will be peace on earth.

Christianity has become universalized, but that was not the intention of Jesus.

“You who are Israelites, hear these words. Jesus the Nazorean was a man commended to you by God with mighty deeds, wonders, and signs. This man, you killed, using lawless men to crucify him.” (Act 2:22)

“God exalted (Jesus) at his right hand as leader and savior to grant Israel repentance and forgiveness of sins.”  Acts 5:31

Talking to the Jews. The evidence is everywhere.

Who let the Gentiles in? The Anti-Christs Peter and Paul.

How did Christianity go universal?

After Jesus was dead, “the circumcised believers who had accompanied Peter were astounded that the gift of (Baptism) should have been poured out on the Gentiles also. Can anyone withhold water for baptizing these people? Peter ordered them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.” (Acts 10: 44-48)

Those were the words of Peter, not Jesus.

Why would the half-dick Jews be astounded?  Only if, these Christianized Jews believed, and were led to believe, that Christianity was Jews-only by Jesus himself. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been astounded.

The earliest Christians took Christianity as Jews-only. Why can’t Peter (and all modern Christians) listen? What is Peter doing baptizing Gentiles?

This is a radical rejection of Logos (the intent of Jesus) committed by Peter, to paraphrase, E. Michael Jones.

“Before the cock crows, you (Peter) will disown me.” Jesus was right about that!

So why are Christians Christianizing any nation, but the Jews, when Peter led them astray? Apparently, the Christianized are too weak and gutless to Christianize the Jews. Apart from short outbursts, that is subsequent Christian history. That, however, must be done. That was the original plan.

With Peter Christianity jumps the tracks to infect the Gentiles. The intentions of Jesus were betrayed.

Said Peter, “God knows no partiality. Every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him.” (Acts 10: 34-35)

If Gentile nations are acceptable, they don’t need to be Christianized. You can’t P.O.C.S.-punish them, Peter. Jews, however, needed to be repaired with Christianity because they are broken, they are the sinners, being Jews out to bring all things under their dominion.

Jews should tolerate, not destroy, Gentile nations.

How can you P.O.C.S. the Gentiles, Peter? The Jews should accept other nations as equals, instead of, as cattle. Jews should accept other nations as “acceptable.” That’s their Christ-given job and Christian-duty.  That’s why you have to P.O.C.S. them. Jews need to be “repaired,” not the better half of humanity. Peter has it all wrong.

This is where Christianity went wrong and destroyed the world.

Let’s distinguish Cuckianity from bio-Christianity.

To be or not to be P.O.C.S.ed.

To P.O.C.S. or not to P.O.C.S. the Jews.

When the P.O.C.S. is turned on Gentiles, it becomes Cuckianity and the Jews rule the world.

When the P.O.C.S. firepower is directed on the Jews, we can call it bio-Christianity. (There is basis for bio-Christianity already, “ancestoral sin” is accepted as hereditary.) When Jews are P.O.C.S.’ed, Jews are marginalized, humiliated, and silenced.

That Gentile nations must be respected doesn’t mean Gentile nations should be Christianized or that these nations should accept Christianization.

Christianization is treatment for the Jews.

If you are not a Jew, you are exempt from Christianity.

Why do Christians think Christianity is for them? Everything points away from Peter’s notion. Christianity is Jew-only. Evangelicals are on the wrong mission. Biblical literalists missed something.

The Jews-only thesis demands debate. Can this Jew-only thesis be refuted? It makes no sense for Gentiles to be silenced, impoverished, childless, and servile to Big Jew. It does make sense to silence, impoverish, chastise, and render obedient the Jews.

The West has been POCSed by Peter.

We must be detoxed of the POCS with a little Christian revisionism. 

Jesus was a genius. He was history’s first Cultural Marxist. He understood the complexity of the Jews and deconstructed them. Instead of destroying Western Civilization, he wanted to destroy the Jews. By this, he is a veritable hero warning the world of the malice of the Jew. Those who turn his P.O.C.S. on us are the Anti-Christs.

Christianity is not about the death and resurrection of Jesus, but the death of the Jews, so the Gentiles can survive. Jesus is a savior, if only Christians would listen and follow directly in his footsteps. Gentiles must become the Christianizers, not the Christianed; the hunters, not the hunted.

Christianize the Jews, not your own kind.

The crucifixion serves as a warning to all: never be at the mercy of Jews.

May the P.O.C.S. of Christ be with you and not against you and your fellow Gentiles.