As we all have been witnessing the increasing of intruding power of the State.  With the technological breakthroughs in every field of science that  converge with and enable the increasing of government’s controlling and monitoring power over people daily activities, people lives have been completely regulated by state power  with the consent of the people in the name of convenience and safety!

Understandably,  many have pointed their finger at the Jews conspiracy as if without the Jews their statist societies would have functioned alright, just fine! How many of us realize that statist politic is a conspiracy by nature? That the State itself is a conspiracy? The Jews are just the group of people  who happens to understand the statist system and the gullibility of the mass better and used them more effective than anyone else. I don’t know about you. But I don’t have to imagine the world without the Jews. I was born into a nation without a single Jew. I did live half of my life there…I assume you do not want to hear a repeated boring story. Bottom line is the statist power is the same shit everywhere!

How can a little child (king/queen) possesses a “legitimate power” to decide the fate of million, hundred of millions people? How can a clown, an idiot becomes a powerful person who holds the fate of billions of people? How can just a small group of individuals, who  possess, control a vast part of global wealth, and in effect literally dictate and hold the fate of this planet and all the lives living on it?

Well, I have heard many saying “that’s how the way thing is” (tant qu’il y aura des hommes, il y aura de l’hommerie)

Throughout history and right now, we have been told  that there have been wars between nations and between peoples. In fact all these wars are just power games between State powers, or rather to be precise they are wars that are designed by those who truly hold the state power, be it in the offices or behind the “thrones”. That’s why people blindly go to war, murder, assassinate others without the need to know the true face, the real life of their  “enemies.”

By enemy, it does  not necessarily mean someone who has  different physical appearance, speaking different languages  living far away in different places. Your “enemies” are defined by the State, your government. Your “enemies” can be anyone including your neighbors, your relatives, your friends, your family members. The State, your Government can also define someone, who lives far away from you, who hold values that oppose, contradict to your own, and even are doing harm to your life,  being your friends, your allies. Unfortunately, we the people have been blindly complied and acted upon their definition.  To the West, the Saudi Arabia, The Jewish State are cases in point! To the Vietnamese, China and the USA have been flipped, rotated being friends and enemies by the Governments of both sides.


Is it absurdity? Is it insanity? Is it madness? Is it stupidity? Or what? Who is to blame? (I personally knew an old ex-GI, who went to the front shooting against the Japanese, while his family was thrown into a concentration camp by the US government)

Perhaps only you, yourself can answer those questions if you decide to be honest with yourself, some how!