PQC: Just a reminder : Jew is not a “race” even if “races” existed, not even a religion in a theological sense. Jew is a ideological cult which one can  join in and resign. The fundamental and indispensable value of the Jewishness is the conviction that a Jew holds against the rest of mankind: Jews are chosen  to be above all the others. All the non-Jewish, the rest of humankind are Goyim who are here to serve the Jews in any way the Jews choose. Logically, One cannot be called a Jew without professing such conviction,  e.i Arthur Koestler, Israel Shahak,  Stan Lee, Shlomo Sand,  Gilad Atzmon etc are not Jews.


James Corbett report/Sybel Edmonds

 Well Corbett is a Jew….that goes without saying.
What about Sybel Edmonds…former FBI employee.

Wikipedia says she is the daughter of Iranian/Turkish/Azerbajani parents….which sort of implies she is a mooslum.

Proper examination of her history would probably reveal she is a “donmeh” of some description….that is a crypto Jew.Therefore nothing either she or Corbett says can be taken at face value.

There was an Iranian/American high profile CNN reporter a while back who reported from Iraq during the war…and subsequently showed up in Iran reporting there. She was married to a high profile Jew who was a good buddy of the goblin-jewess® Madeline Albright.So this reporter gave the impression she was simply of Iranian heritage….infact as us usually the case,she was of Iranian Jewish ancestry.

Currently there is a programme featuring degenerate Iranians/Persians and their rich degenerate behaviour in the USA…sort of a version of the Kadashians. The public will get the wrong impression of course, because these “Persians” are actually….Jews.

Naturally the Jews who produce this program won’t be in any hurry to tell Americans about the REAL ethnicity of these cretinous idiots.
There is an Iranian origin tennis player married to Stiffy Graf….he is most likely an Iranian origin Jew.

When the Shah tipped over many Iranian Jews fled Iran…avec large amounts of loot.There are numbers of them living in California.(Of course not all of them will be Jews…just the rich ones)

One of the Shahs chief torturers and henchmen was a jew.