In part one, I argued and presented the reasons why every one should be anti-Jews, anti-Jewishness, choseness. Many writers have written about it but miss a crucial point. It comes down to one  thing: Essentialism, in which people believe their own “race” has a thing called essence that others do not have, and they try to prove it in one way or another and by all means! Have we seen enough of this racial essentialism throughout history?

In the case of the Jews, they believe they are so unique, they are chosen ones… by their God! They are above all the rest of humanity. Not only has that very “uniqueness,” choseness set them apart from and against all the rest of mankind-which inevitably caused resentment and despise  to them from the host societies where they live, but also dictates the Jews to do everything to realize their uniqueness: They are to rule, and others to serve by all means necessary. That’s where the Jewish conspiracy started. This antagonism between the Jews and the rest of humanity existed ever since and has boiled to the point when the hosts have to find a solution to deal with such absurd choseness, uniqueness. It’s called the “Jewish question”. It’s unavoidable.

Today  the problem is no longer just the Jewish question i.e “what are we to do with them”, but rather the question is “what have they  been  doing to us, the gentiles, goyim. Logically and evidently,  there has been a  Jewish conspiracy against all the rest of  humanity the gentiles, the goyim.

If you pay just enough attention, you would realize that the whole western world foreign policies, I repeat emphatically,  the whole Western world- from the arse end of the world such as Australia and New Zealand to Eastern and Western Europe -including Russia, have been directed and orchestrated by the so called “Jewish lobby” and that such policies only benefit the Jewish state and the Jews abroad at the expense of  the Western societies  as a whole. The absurdity of the  Syrian War is the case in point. The Jews today have successfully established their own kind of power which permeates  every aspect of Western world e.i  politic, finance, education, mass communication network. However by no mean Jews are the only ones to do so.

We have to give the Jews the credit where it dues. I really mean it!

How could just a mere group of people of very minority in every country they reside being resented and despised for centuries by their hosts,  but have thrived, dominated, and successfully wielded a tremendous power over their host societies in the way that no group of people ever had? The Jews, more than anyone before them, understand the statist system inside out. They have turned  the table and beaten the white gentiles at their own game!

The certain former POTUS, Jimmy Carter had to knee down and apologized for telling truth about Jewish crimes in Palestine against the Palestinians.

Even the former PM of Australia had been unable to escape the Jewish wrath before he passed away just because he courageously told the truth about the Jewish crime. Malcolm Fraser, a long-term prime minister,  was accused of anti Semitic and conspiracy theorist  by a mere Jew who hosted an ABC radio talk show in Melbourne just because the late ex-Prime Minister tried to tell the truth about the USS Liberty incident, the destructive American foreign policies, and the cowardice of Australian politicians toward the US!  Sadly, like every Western people,  his Australian people abandoned him for fear of the Jews!

Today, the Jews inside and outside the Jewish State can virtually say and do everything  that others cannot without consequences. No body dares to call them by their true name, the Jews, except a very few! Most of the “courageous people” point their fingers to the Jewish Lobby as if those Jews were some outsiders who just influence the system! THEY are not outsiders! THEY are already in and become the system! The “Jewish lobby” is just a red herring!

The Jews surely have outwitted and replaced the White christian supremacists.  They controlled and dominated the whole white christian society not only with consent but with accomplices from within. First with just a crap fictitious books called the Bible and the chosen people, they have won heart and mind of the the white society. Today the Jews, from being the hated, the despised, have become the dear and the fear!  Do you really need “evidences” and “proofs” of this? You must be in hibernation or live in another planet!

Don’t take me wrong but I do not “blame” them! They just replace the “bad guys” before them by cleverly and  successfully exploiting the very Statist system, the current paradigm. Don’t tell me that people would live freely and  happily for ever after without the Jews! There is no Jew in Vietnam, in China, Indonesia, Cambodia etc. So what and where is the root cause of war, injustice, and people suffering?

They could not have done this without the state power you believe in. They just could not have done it without your own elites’ accomplice, and of course your  consent actually. Your governments and your “law” not only protect them but restrict and restraint you of and from  defending and resisting against them! Anti-semi, Holocaust denier,  that’s enough to terminate you! Have you ever accused someone like me Anti-semi, Holocaust denier? Be honest!

You know what, they just replaced your own Laesa maiestas, Laesa relegio! The Jews are just like your own “blue blood” kind of elites who have been sanctioned by the State. Actually by you, your statist belief, your own ethnocentrism, nationalism! Jewishness is no difference to Vietnameseness, Chinese’s Haness, Arayaness or whatever-ness,  for which they have murdered not only the others but their own kinds, their own non-conformers since time of memorial! By the way, the “Vietnamese-ness” had successfully completed  at least two genocides against other races in the so-called “Nam Tien”, before they turned to murdering each other by millions in the name of “Nation, Fatherland, Motherland  (whatever shit they call it) above all”. In the Vietnam War alone, forget about the Yanks, the Vietnamese literally cut each other throats in the name of “Nation, Fatherland, Motherland above all”. Nationalism, patriotism were, and still are license to kill. The hatred between “North” and “South” is still very much active today! It’s better to  let you google about this yourselves and learn!

I wonder if you know how the non-Ashkenazim Jews have been treated in the Jewish state! And that there is an imperative Talmudic law which urges a Jew to kill another so-called betrayal-Jew?  That’s why Yitzhak Rabin was killed!

Do you know that your own “race” have murdered each other in the name of your “pure race”? Your own patriots have murdered the un-patriots?  Your own pious believers have murdered your own heretics?  That speaks volume about this!

Last but absolutely not least, with or without the Jews, war, injustice, corruption, democide have perpetually  been here and continuing as long as the State power exists with your “consent”!

The Jewish conspiracy is surely  today’s main problem, in which your own elites are co-conspirators. Essentially speaking, your old thugs have come to terms with the new ones, namely the Jews, to maintain their status quo over you, the mass. I call them the Jewish Controlled Cabal.  But absolutely this conspiracy is not the root cause of our social ills and crises. The kakistocrats have been here for a long time and they have just replaced each other above our heads with our consent by crook or by hook.

Please, take your time to think about this.


Yes, these are truly fucking Jews. The point is these fucking Jews have brought all the hate and despise upon themselves, and they do deserve it. Who the hell in the right mind would not do so to such a chosen people with such mindset? These fucking Jews hate and despise the rest of humanity – they call all of us the “Goyim” at the first place! Yes these fucking Jews with their fucking “Jewish choseness” are a persistent problem. But as I said and explained I would not care whoever with whatever belief or conspiracy as long as there is no state, no government they would not do much harm. These fucking Jews or whoever become powerful in society not because of they themselves possess such power, but thanks to the State and its Government which have become so powerful by people belief. In one word we have harmed ourselves with such statist belief. There have been many fucking “blue blood” groups have done exactly the same trick  as these fucking Jews have been doing now. I mean with such a statist system people believe in,  if  these fucking Jews did not do it,  our fucking blue blood Goyim would continue  the same trick, or someone will replace them and do it.  People would ask for it! So again where and what is the real problem?