PART ONE: Everyone Should Be Anti-Jews

Urgently first: Ron Unz,  watch out! The false flag murder at Pittsburgh Synagogue is aiming at you and people like me!  The recent Murder in Pittsburgh is a false flag.

How did I know that is a false flag? Simple, according to the Mayor and the Synagogue officials there was a DRILL at the time of the “shooting” (RT News.) This false flag is going to be used to silence and purge whoever criticize and expose the evil nature of Jewishness. The official DRILL itself  is enough evidence and proof of a false flag, unless you live in another planet.  I rest my case.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I do not want to talk just about  the Jews. I want to discuss about the Jewish conspiracy. Because it’s a conspiracy. And that everyone should be against the Jews!

First, I am not anti-semi or anti-termite as Louis Farakhan jokingly pro-claimed. The so-called anti-semitism is just a small part of this conspiracy. You just cannot be serious in being anti against a whole linguistic group in middle east and africa in which Aramaic and Hebrew are among with others Arabic, Amharic, Tigrinya,

I am anti  Jews. Yes, straight to the point. No beating around the bush!  I am against Jews  who profess their Jewishness, and proclaim their choseness  by which their lives have infinite value against all the rest of humanity, whereas THEY call all the rest of humanity gentiles/goyim, who have none.  The fundamental Jewishness conviction  is that the rest of humanity is here in this life on this planet is  just to serve  THEM- the chosen ones in anyway  the Jews themselves see fit. Is it obvious to you  that I have enough reason to against Jews? Should you?

You don’t have to believe me. You do not have to believe other non-Jews such as Henry Ford, Michael Hoffman. or Arthur R Butz either.  You may not even need to read the words of ex-Jews like Ariel Toaff,   Israel Shahak , Arthur Koesler, Sholmo Sand,  Gilad Atzmon. Ron Unz. (You can read all of them in The UNZ REVIEWS if you really care to know) You just need to look at the way the Jewish state  (a state of and for the Jews only) has been treating the Palestinians, and the way it has been behaving in the world stage since 1948.

Ah yes, you may say I am a racist because I hate the Jews. It cannot be further from the truth. Jew is not a race. Even Vietnamese is not a “race”. “Race” is a political construction which exaggerates and misinterprets the different appearance among humankind.

But, but… but “not all Jews believe such silly, destructive choseness! There are good Jews around too!

You know I don’t buy this crap either. If one don’t believe in such choseness and the infinite value of Jewishness, one is not a Jew even one insists in so claiming for whatever reason. You are not a Christian if you refuse to observe Christ teachings i.e love the others even if you insist you are , (I know the American Evangelists are doing just that) . You are not a Muslim if you refuse to submit to Allah. You are not Buddhists if you reject the compassion for living things and the nothingness of being. Is that simple! A good person cannot be Jewish. A good Jew is an oxymoron. A good person cannot set himself/herself above and against all the rest of humanity.

Have you ever been reminded that  “you must not conflate the Jews and the Israelis!”

Without the Jews in the West, I mean in the whole western world, would the Jewish state exist at all? Without the Jews living in the West with their Jewish conspiracy would the “Israelis” behave the way they have been being so since 1948? Besides, who are the Israelis? Are they the Jews around the world with the “right to return”? Without the Jews in the West, particularly in the USA, can the Jewish state survive as it is by now? So don’t give me Jews vs Israelis crap!

Do I hate them? No, I despite them, I despise anyone who claim his/her uniqueness above the rest. be it white, yellow, black brown, Viet, Han, German, France etc. That’s exactly  why I despise nationalism and so should every decent human being.

It’s  not my belief, but the fact that we human kind is just one kind of animal which evolves from … uhm well, you choose which period you like, primate or reptile or fish or from a just a single cell.

The bottom line is whatever crap one claims about one’s own “race”, we all have to eat and to shit. We all have to laugh and cry, we all err and we all have to die. We all depend on one another to live and to fulfill  life, our lives, while living.  There is no uniqueness no specialness in any of us.

It’s the Jews, who set themselves against the rest of humanity at the first place with such silly and stupid conviction of “choseness.” They are the very ones who  hate the rest of humanity by their own “laws” not the other way round. To the Jews, there are only two “races” the Jews are above all and against all the rest, the whole Goyim world. I did not make this up. They, the Jews arrogantly claim this very loudly and solemnly  themselves. That’s why I urge everyone should read their “laws” and  be anti-Jews.

By the way, be aware that there are many anti-Jews out there for many different reasons than mine. However, they all share a common feature: They all want to promote each of their own version of “choseness” and “uniqueness” such as the right-wing nationalist, religious fundamentalists of all stripes.

You must have heard them accusing the Jews of “advocating human rights for Black people, gays, lesbians, equality for women, multiracialism, globalism etc  “in order to divide and weaken our race, our nation, our religion”. You see, according to these anti-Jews, all of the charges against the Jews are the progressiveness that we as civilized and humane society need badly. Thus, it’s a person or group of persons who manipulate these good movements for their evil agendas are to be exposed and condemned, not those progressive ideas and values themselves.

More than ever I find what Jiddu Krishnamurti said years ago are so true when I look at the world today:

“When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Thus, one must bear in mind that apart from such evil “Jewishness” there are existing many other kinds of choseness along side that are no less silly and no less dangerous to humanity. You know the white supremacy, the “Aryan race”, the Vietnameseness, the Haness, the Americaness or exceptionalism etc All these craps lie well in nationalism, patriotism of all colors. (again I don’t buy the crap of nationalism vs patriotism differentiation. They all stink the same odour).


(Next Part: The Conspiracy and the Root Cause)