ReflectionHello friends around the world, I have decided to give myself a kind of vacation, I need to switch off my PC and stay away from the cruel reality we all have been witnessing. It really drives me mad and depressed.

I need time to reflect upon this reality in which the Jews have been given a blank check to do everything , any thing they see fit. Russia, the Jewish plan’s last hurdle has been removed. Russian is done. But all those thing do not worry me much.

What worries  me the most is the victims. I cannot fathom why the victims, the Palestinians, the Arabs, who have been suffered from the Jews for almost hundred years have not learned the brutal truth that there is no peace process, there is no negotiation, the Jews and their Western henchmen  do not accept anything less than their hegemony. What does it mean?

This means all the Jews’ victims must fight back, and fight to the end. There is no other option. But how? The Arabs cannot fight back the Jews and their Western henchmen with  division and infighting. But division and infighting are not only the Arabs’ problem. IMHO, the worst thing that has held back and destroyed the Arabs’ strength is lying in their own belief system. e.g the way they treat their women, their view on science and technology, and foremost the role of their religion, Islam. I know and understand that this issue is so sensitive. That’s exactly why I “touch” it and try to make it less sensitive. Talking about, criticizing Islam must be normalized and the normalizing process must be started by the Muslims themselves.

If you have Arab and Muslim friends, as a true friend, you must tell them the truth about their weakness, their lacking.  If you are an Arab and a Muslim, please sit down and think hard about yourselves, your people’s lacking and errors. Please, listen to your true friends who do not hesitate to tell you the truth about your own weakness and errors.

For now, I am off, and I will be back when I can see things clearer from this current mess.