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What can I say? Yeah, the Swedish they love it and proud of it. It’s so “high tech” and so “convenient” that even the Aryan Hindus Indians are trying to … well ..surpass the Swedes! As a matter of fact people around the world are yearning to be like the fucking Swede. To be “high-tech” so to speak! I remember in this arse-end of the world. people jumped for joy when the fucking Biometric passport was introduced. “It’s so convenient! It’s so cool”. That’s what I heard! (Australia Is Replacing Passports with Facial Recognition) – well, they are proud that “it” has become “law”..Facial recognition laws introduced to parliament. Little they have known that China has been operating this “high tech” for some years already.  And the West’s MSM has hyped up to promote this Orwellian society ever since  . (Facial recognition technology spots wanted man in crowd of 60,000)- (Chinese man caught by facial recognition at pop concert).

(Have these fucking high-tech citizens ever thought of their hands being chopped off by thieve ? Yeah again just like in the movies!)

By the way, Is it just a pure coincidence? Or is this a well orchestrated conspiracy?

As I said, when it comes to stupidity, there is no limit, no border! Blacks, Whites, Yellows, Browns etc all are the same shit. Read “The Perfect Matrix” by James Corbett and you know why!

As always folks, the conclusion is yours.

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(Jowan Osterlund (R), a piercings specialist and self-proclaimed champion of chip implantation)