PQC: Tell me whatever presented  in “Killing Gaza” is  actually new to us! In fact it’s nothing new but only half truth. Abby Martin and many people before her (e.g Alan Hart)  have told and showed the fucking “civilized Western world” everything. Yes, EVERYTHING about the fucking chosenness, about the so-called “Jewish values” that have been expressed physically on the Palestinians  by the Jews in the stolen land called Jewish State.


Even the Palestinians themselves have told and showed the fucking “civilized world” about their plight many times over, such as  this Palestinian doctor whose children were killed by the Jews:

His “I Shall Not Hate ” has been exploited and promoted widely by the “secular Jews” around the Western world. Weeping, crying if you feel sad! But look at what has happened since then? The whole thing just gets worse and worse everyday!

Look at this today Palestine maps! And right now at Jerusalem! I started swearing  as a necessity thanks to this fucking thing! The whole Jewish Sate would not have been existed,  and its crimes, atrocities would not have been successfully carried out with immunity without the so-called  “secular Jews” living with special privileges in the western world! Don’t fucking tell me that people did not know this!



The fucking Jews inside and outside the Jewish State themselves knew this very well. Western politicians knew this very well, because THEY themselves together are the very ones who created this plight and are continuing to worsen it  every single day since then.

In this day and age of information, do you really need some “secular Jews” to tell you what happening in Gaza? Are you blind and deaf? Is your brain still working or dead?

This latest documentary  “Killing Gaza” in fact  is not just about Gaza. The plight of Palestinians in Gaza is used as a selling point. It’s telling you  indirectly and subtlly   about  the so-called “Secular Jews”, who have been acting as the gatekeepers to stop people talking about the real Jewish power, on the one hand,  by making  “documentaries” telling people about the well known half truth of Jewish crimes and atrocities that obviously cannot be hidden anymore. All in plain sight! But Yeah, “even some good Jews say about it now”. That’s exactly the “Killing Gaza” is all about! On the other hand, these “secular Jews-half-truth tellers”, by using their “anti-Zionism credentials”,  have been attacking the whole-truth-tellers like Shlomo Sand, Gilad Atzmon. Henry Herskovitzas  etc as “anti-Semites” and/or “self-hate Jews”! (well, I am smiling. Kristna murti, Arundhati Roy  are self-hate Indians, and I am a fucking self-hate Asian-Vietnamese!!!) –Shlomo Sand to secular Jews: I’m not Jewish and neither are you

You can expose everything about the Israelis, Israel, Zionism or any euphemism you choose… but do not ever mention the fucking “Jews” and their Jewishness that Shlomo Sand, (The Invention of the Land of Israel) Gilad Atzmon have fearlessly exposed in details. (The Wandering Who?)

Unfortunately, some prominent commentators such as Paul Craig Roberts, Chris Hedges  have fallen for  it.(You Build A House. Israel Destroys It. You Raise A Child. Israel Kills Him)

“Jewish anti Zionism is a spin. It is not ethically grounded, it is not universal either! It exists to convey an image of Jewish dissent – or shall we call it what it is – a controlled opposition apparatus… Criticize Israel, by all means… but if you identify yourselves as Jews when doing so, you’re phonies. You don’t get any special moral standing just by accident of birth. You are no better than the goyim.” Said who? Your guess, folks!  I rest my case.

When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.


Ex-Jew Henry Herskovitz champions free speech, questions Holocaust

Why are these issues actually illegal to discuss in many European nations?

Henry Herskovitz of Witnesses for Peace (formerly Jewish Witnesses for Peace) has been leading vigils outside the Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor, Michigan for many years. This week he drew shockingly fair-and-balanced mainstream media coverage from the local paper. See:

Ann Arbor group that questions Holocaust says ‘hate group’ label unfair

In this interview, recorded last October, Henry explains how as a Jewish American he gradually became aware of the real situation and history of Occupied Palestine, and felt morally compelled to try to rectify the situation. Today, he says he no longer identifies as Jewish, in part because he feels that a very significant part of the Jewish community has failed to confront its complicity in these and other crimes. Below is Henry’s newsletter announcing his group’s demonstrations against the film Denial. Why are these issues actually illegal to discuss in many European nations?

Who’s Doing the Denial?

by Henry Herskovitz

Dr. Deborah Lipstadt wrote a book titled Denying the Holocaust, The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, first published in 1993, according to a search on Amazon. (Anecdotally and ironically, it was Deborah Lipstadt who turned this writer into a Holocaust revisionist, i.e. an advocate of Holocaust revisionism). Included in the results of this search is another book, by another author titled: Fail: “Denying the Holocaust”, How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory.

The author of this critique is friend and chemist Germar Rudolf, who appears to be taking a leadership role in the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), after the passing of Bradley Smith. In his book, Rudolf – in step by step fashion – takes each claim by Lipstadt, and explains to the reader exactly where factual claims end and her ad hominem remarks begin. She accuses Holocaust revisionists of using “pseudo-science”, but after reviewing Germar’s rigorous application of historical methods, “pseudo-science” seems more applicable to traditional holocaust historians than revisionists.

Why is Exposing Books like Lipstadt’s Important to Liberating Palestine?

Rudolf understands the connection between historical manipulation and the state of Israel. He writes (p. 52): “The politics of Deborah Lipstadt are pervaded by a hypocritical double standard. She actively worked to create a racially integrated, multicultural society in the United States … Yet she most passionately identifies with Israel – an ethnically segregated society whose government actively works to ensure Jewish supremacy and to destroy any chance of an egalitarian, multiracial society from developing between Jews and Arabs.”

This statement helps us understand a few things: Why Jewish Voice for Peace is now excommunicating Miko Peled the way they did Alison Weir of If Americans Knew, for instance. The same pattern for Zionists like Lipstadt and Jewish anti-Zionists, like Joel Beinin, emerges, and underscores Gilad Atzmon’s definition of Zionism as “A Jewish Tribal Preservation Project.” And heading this project is Holocaustianity: the religion for the secular Jew and for the West in general. If you don’t adhere to the Lipstadt-rendered Holocaust narrative, you are simply labeled an “anti-Semite”. Well, if Vigiler G has her way, soon our cars will be adorned with bumper stickers with the exhortation: “Anti-Semitism – Get Used to It”

We also focus readers’ attention to our Vigil Report of April 23, which explains the four pillars of support which the Jewish state enjoys. And how each of them – save the standard Holocaust narrative – wilts under closer examination. It’s time we focus the same attention to this last remaining pillar; it’s essential to the liberation of Palestine that we get all the right cards on the table: what happened and what didn’t happen.

Multi-Media Attack on the Standard Holocaust Narrative

Hollywood’s Weinstein Brothers are about to release yet another emotion-manipulating movie on the history of the Holocaust. “Denial” follows the libel trial against Lipstadt by noted historian David Irving. In an attempt to counter some of the false portions of the narrative, Eric Hunt, also an emerging leader in CODOH, produces a few trailers of his own. Most effective is his short presentation “Denial – The Deborah Lipstadt Movie – Part II”.

Watch it above; it contains factual information on the Majdanek concentration camp, countering the Hollywood claims we have become used to.

What’s To be Done?

Witness for Peace (JWPF’s new name) has decided to focus our street protests outside Beth Israel Congregation on the harm Israel does to the Palestinians and the United States. We specifically omit focus on the Holocaust for these protests. In order to organize future actions based on challenging the standard Holocaust narrative, we turn to our sister organization Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR) to encourage Holocaust-based discussions and actions. One such action will be to await the release of “Denial” to Southeast Michigan, and plan peaceful demonstrations at those theaters who will screen this film. Please join DYR at these protests; stay tuned for time and location. Comments? http://blog.deiryassin.org/2016/10/03/report-on-beth-israel-vigil-10-01-16
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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace