PCQ: Bottom line, Putin IS a politician. Like every politician he plays politic with other people’s lives. What I am not sure is that if he “trusts” the fucking Jews or fears them. Unlike Dr PCR, I don’t think THEY will start a real nuke war. Putin knows that, and so do THEY.  As I analyzed somewhere in this blog,  that they are evil, crazy but not stupid. They are  psychopaths, who do not “need: money, they can create as much as they want. Dr PCR know this better than anyone else. Power that is. They love and enjoy “managing” people. Yes, they make wars, but not the nuke war that will destroy their power gaming ecology. They would avoid this kind of war at all cost! However THEY want people talking about nuke war so that they can make sure the people are scared and  need THEM, or rather their tools: The State and its government!

That’s why I suspect Putin has been on board with them. Putin deliberately “missed” a lot of chance to crush THEM. Georgia, Ukraine… and now Syria. Anyone with a functioning average brain knows how a bully works. The fucking Jews are just a bunch of bullies. That means they never dare to pick their “own size” but only weak and defenseless targets. Once they were punched back right in their face, they will turn back to their true pale color. That’s exactly   Hezbollah has done , and why the fucking Jews always bark behind the USA military might. All Putin could have done is sending some Jewish jet fighters wreckage  and their Jewish pilot body bags back to Tel Aviv and problem solved!.

IMHO, Putin is a stupid statist poker player. His enemy knows him inside out but he either knows nothing about his enemies’ ultimate nonnegotiable goal or refuses to “know” it. Even one of the most intelligent and experienced like the Saker still doesn’t get it! The Saker becomes a wishful thinking person with a “perfect multi polar world” with “a perfect international legal system” i.e international laws which fundamentally based on trust and honor! There is no trust and honor in politic, which is essentially a power game. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’why Lao Tzu , thousand years ago wrote Tao Tse Ching to explain power vs  anarchy.

The more laws and restrictions there are,
The poorer people become.
The sharper men’s weapons
The more trouble in the land.
The more ingenious and clever men are,
The more strange things happen.
The more rules and regulations,
The more thieves and robbers.

Therefore the sage says:
I take no action and people are reformed.
I enjoy peace and people become honest.
I do nothing and the people become rich.
I have no desires and people return to the good and simple life.(57)

Anyway, IMHO, the thieves, the liars are not the problem. The thief steals, the liar lies. That’s normal. The abnormality  is that  the victims who keep being the victims, who let themselves being stole and robbed without fighting the thieves or even improving their security measures.  The abnormal ones are the people who keep believing the lies one after another from the same usual proven liars. That’s the problem!


Does Russia Know What’s Up?

Does Russia Know What’s Up?

Paul Craig Roberts

pcrI find myself wondering if Russia understands the Washington criminal with whom Russia is so desperate to negotiate peace and understanding.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is excited that Trump has invited Putin to the White House “to jointly curb the arms race.” https://www.rt.com/news/425699-lavrov-trump-meet-putin/

Of course the US military/security complex wants to curb an arms race in which Russia is 30 years ahead. Will the Russian government in all its delusions and romanticized view of the US and its vassals again be sucked into meaningless agreements that leave Russia exposed to annihilation?

How can Russia expect any agreement with Washington or any European country to mean anything when in front of Russia’s very eyes the US, alone in the world, is breaking the agreement the US made with Iran with regard to Iran’s enrichment of uranium? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYOnXL6R-B8&feature=youtu.be

Why does Lavrov want to negotiate another agreement with Washington that Washington will break as it has every other negotiated agreement with Russia since the Clinton regime. Does the Russian Foreign Ministry find it difficult to learn from experience?

Russia has the winning hand, but does not know how to play it. The caution with which the government operates encourages more provocations, whereas a more decisive policy would discourage provocations.

Washington interprets Russia’s conciliatory behavior as weakness, and now also so does the tiny country of Israel. Believe it or not, Israel has issued an ultimatum to Russia. Israel, a country so small that it can be wiped out by conventional weapons alone has now ordered the world’s primary military power to get out of the way of Israel’s illegal military attacks on Syria. http://www.investmentwatchblog.com/israeli-defense-minister-asks-russia-to-stand-down-syria-air-defenses-or-they-will-be-attacked-too/

A country that can be given an ultimatum by Israel, whose army was twice routed and utterly defeated by a small Lebanese militia, has no respect in the West. This is Russia’s problem. Even the militarily impotent British talk about going to war with Russia as if that is a riskless undertaking.

As long as the Russian government conveys indecisiveness and weakness in its responses to extreme provocations, the provocations will continue to push the world to World War 3.