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Intel Drop: North Korea as Fake as Trump

If the “secret space program” were real, it would be run from North Korea. But, we all know there is no such thing.

Elon Musk’s “alien” Falcon 9

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Suddenly North Korea “surrenders” in the same week where we learn that mob thugs working for Trump seized his laboratory reports and scared the hell out of an office filled with patients.  Our guys say Trump has “something.”  Is it AIDS?

This report just hit but the “robbery” was over a year ago.  Why now?  Is it because this is the week that a very meaty “Trump is gay” report hit VT and went viral, despite bans by Gargle and Fakebook?

Let’s follow this through.

North Korea is now and has been for decades, a CIA “project nation,” the “Hermit Kingdom” has been a “front” for covert US activities in the region as Gaddafi’s Libya was.

Gaddafi hosted US “Gladio” training centers and arms depots from the late 70’s onward with rogue CIA operatives and “Irish terrorists” in fact those who ran the Gladio “stay behind” program from Libya’s “safe haven.”

After 9/11, Gaddafi let the CIA take over, running torture prisons in Libya for thousands and using Libya as a waystation for Afghan drugs under the “rendition” program.

Later, Gaddafi offered Libya as home for Israel’s chemical weapons program and allowed Israel to house nuclear weapons there.  Eventually, Israel, according to sources at the IAEA, moved their nuclear arsenal to the Polisario separatist region of Mali.  Our sources say the weapons used on 9/11 came from Mali stockpiles.

North Korea, however, is quite a story.  This was a Russian client state as was Cuba.  When the Soviet empire crashed, this left Cuba with an agricultural economy and no patron.  North Korea was far worse, totally vulnerable, starvation, few trade partners other than Israel and South Africa, a nation “circling the drain.”

Then came the CIA.  If you wondered why Mike Pompeo, as CIA director, found it so easy to fly to North Korea for secret meetings, something Trump bragged about in a Tweet, frankly Trump should have kept his mouth shut.

The CIA and other agencies have gone in and out of North Korea for years, a safe haven for projects of all kinds that could exist nowhere else on earth.  North Korea, with no surveillance, no spies, no media, is a dream come true, placed in the middle of Asia’s trade routes, overseeing Japan, China and Asian Russian ports.

The rumors have been there all along.  When Elon Musk recently joked that his Falcon 9 rocket was mistaken for an “alien from North Korea,” we got some great video.

What we do know is that North Korea’s economy totally crashed 27 years ago.  They were no longer able to buy fertilizer from Ukraine, urea carbide 47% and ammonium nitrate, without which their depleted soil puts out “nothing.”

The corporate world came to North Korea’s rescue as they did with Cuba.  In Cuba, the drug mobs and Bain Capital propped up the economy, laundering the world’s drug cash through the Cuba/Cayman Islands/Mexico triad.

For North Korea, it is something far more sinister with security briefings for a very few and those “read in” leaving astonished or skeptical.  Is “X Files” playing out in North Korea or is it something worse?

What we do know, is that North Korea, like Osama bin Laden, is a “branded boondoggle” for “cardboard Lotharios.”  Bin Laden had been dead since 2001 when he was “re-killed” just before totally unreliable, meaning “honest” General Petraeus took over the CIA.

If Petraeus had taken credit for “re-killing” bin Laden, he might be president.  Oh.  Wait, he isn’t a mobster, moron and Israeli shill, so he had to be destroyed.  If only he were here now, ready to enter the oval office, how many would choose him over Hillary or “light loafer’ed Donald?”

What we do know is that “burning down” North Korea as a secret CIA asset is a move of desperation by those who run Trump.  North Korea was invaluable, whatever the reason.

South Korea had just jailed their US controlled mobster president, the last of the Yakusa “Park” family, that pushed Korea to a civil war in the late 1940’s, culminating in what we call the “Korean War,” which was, in reality, a civil uprising against US occupation of South Korea on behalf of former Japanese collaborators.  300,000 South Koreans were killed by the US backed dictatorship between 1946 and 1950, before war “broke out.”

Korea was the real “Vietnam” and every word we were told of it is a lie, just like today.

Now, North Korea, as a CIA “monster farm” is being burned down to save Trump from jail.  He still has damage to do until his masters “accident” him out of the way.

Let’s finish up by looking at efforts to deal with Trump’s new “gay/Aids” problem.

It is getting hard to “not see.”  Yesterday, Rudi Giuliani, the ultimate hired gun, reputed mastermind, according to our sources, of 9/11, supposedly exposed Trump for paying off a porn queen, laundering the cash through alleged “lawyer,” Michael Cohen.

This, of course, came only 48 hours before Trump himself was “outed” for not just being a gay president but a “whiny, pissy little bitch” of a gay president.  The MSM was scared off from the story but VT’s sourcing hit so hard that Rudy was called in for “damage control.”  It began with putting Trump, for no reason whatsoever, at imaginary risk for silencing an equally imaginary sex partner.

No Rudy has leaked more names, more payoffs, more imaginary sex partners.  Everyone was suckered, sick of Trump’s whining, ready to gloat at him being “outed” as a super-masculine “pussy grabber” as opposed to being a heavily closeted member of the “other team.”

Why do you think he has dumped so heavily on gays in the military?  Take a moment and check Rudy’s own history.  Then check on Pompeo, new utterly unqualified Sec of State, Bolton, all of them.  America, as with Bush 43, has a pure “circle jerk” cabinet.

Now to North Korea and a shock that won’t shock those who have known or suspected all along.

Two years ago, North Korea couldn’t get a missile over Japan without it blowing up.  Then, all of a sudden, they have ICBM’s with up to 11,000km (this is classified) range.

With not quite enough cash to design a really good 9mm pistol, North Korea built a hydrogen bomb and modern ICBM assembly facility with the requisite industrial base, an end cost over a 2 year period of nearly $800 billion dollars, all done on a budget of $25 million a year.

You gotta respect that kind of math.

These missiles have advanced engines, best in the world, fuel systems and guidance, not “best” but pretty darn good, and they are build in a country that doesn’t have the industrial base to produce, now wait for it, any of the components for building modern ICBMs.

Even Iran, and they have engineering that rival’s Israel and the US, can’t build things like this, but North Korea, in 18 months, suddenly became capable of putting a man on the moon.

Here’s where the lies start.  The CIA claims North Korea has a GNP of $40 billion.  This is insane.  Other skewed estimates go as far as $20 billion.  More realistic estimates are around $8-10 billion.

The GNP of the US is around $20 trillion, slightly smaller than China and double that of India.  Russia’s real GNP is around $2 trillion, about the same as Britain.

The point?

The entire GNP of North Korea would not finance a nuclear and missile program if every cent in the entire nation was spent on these projects.  Typically, 2 percent of GNP is “sustainable” for a highly militarized and efficient economy.  The US spends 3.36 percent, which is entirely “borrowed” cash.

This means, at the highest estimate, the military budget of North Korea could be $200 million with around $25 million to finance a missile and nuclear weapons program.

Here is what we knew a decade ago:

North Korea’s first nuclear weapon had been built in South Africa.  Between 1975 and 1990, South Africa built 10 nukes, testing the first one in September 1979.  They ended their program in negotiations with Britain run by Dr. David Kelly (murdered by MI 6 as told in TV show “Deep State”) and a young David Cameron, later to be Prime Minister.

The US got 6 of the nukes to disassemble, Britain got 3.  One of them exploded in North Korea in 2006, according to VELA, Katanga uranium, Pelandaba processing, 80 millisecond “double-flash.”

Their next nuke as a used American plutonium “pit,” largely PU 240 “decayed” set on a thousand or more tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.  It “signaled” a “fizzle.”

Now, North Korea is to be our friends, unless Mike Pompeo’s mouth gets in the way.  Either way, they never existed.  We have 28 thousand troops in the South.  How many do we have in the North?  Estimates are 5000 or more there too.

Too many to bring home, too many to kill in helicopter crashes.

Ah, the problems we have running a free and open democracy with so much to hide.

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.