As the the fucking Jewish state brazenly again violated Syria sovereignty on 29-Apr-2018, the latest attack directly from Lebanon sky. Putin-Russia is totally humiliated.

But first, I have to make clear that I am an anarchist. I have no support nor  being a “fan” of any political system, any nation-state especially any psychopath a.k.a “political leader”. My analysis is from the statist purview  since we are living under statist system, in which a few psychopaths can decide the fate of billions of others or an entire planet! The statist belief gives them such “power”. If the majority of us somehow  became anarchists and just turn our back on them, they instantly become nothing, no one but harmless fools on the street.


What does it means as Russia-Putin is humiliated? Well, Syria is fucked and will be partitioned. Putin looks so faked and weak!

However one might correctly and legitimately ask  if  Putin has been on board from beginning? My answer is no and yes, and Putin definitely is an idiot with his nativity and stupidity.

Quite a few commentators and I did suspect the role of Russia-Putin in this Jewish game since his inaction or silence on 911, and then Iraq, Libya. I call this  “complicity “.

Let’s deal with Putin apologetics from Putin camp such as The Saker, that Putin is peace loving leader and did not want to drag his people to a wider war, and that Putin did not want to see nuke war… blah blah blah! Fine, wonderful!

Then why the fuck did Putin send troops into Syria and died there? Did he not know that ISIS is CIA/MOSSAD at the first place? Did Putin know that sending Russian soldiers to Syria is an act of confronting the Jewish power?

If Putin did not know such an open secret, he is plain stupid. Bit if he did, I am sure he did, then sending Russian soldiers into Syria must have been a desperate move that Putin used to deal with the Jewish West for a status of “The West partner”. In this case Putin is plain naive! He should have known that their goal is nonnegotiable. They take no “partner” but only subordinate. Therefore, to them, the choice is either to totally submit  or to fight to the end!

If you don’t want to fight or afraid to fight them,  do not ever send your men there to die for nothing!

jewssyria2018(Photo: latest Jewish attack on Syria- 29-Apr-2018)

Now even the little guy such as Jewish state dares to give Putin a  nose-thumbs. They attack Syria with or without Russia as usual. Russian words are just words, rubbish words! Worst still, even threaten to attack Russian bases if needed, and they did. Putin Russia knew all of this! But has kept silent! There was no “rebel” that could alone attacking Russian forces!

What now for Putin? Fight, withdraw, or stay to take share of the partitioned Syria?

Again if Putin refuses to fight, either withdrew or stay to take a share in partitioned Syria, he is absolutely naive and stupid. I must say he is just a retard politician.

The the goal of the fucking Jews is taking over the Middle East, their “promised land”. The goal of the fucking Jewish controlled Cabal, as  Laurent Guyénot analyzed in How Zionist is the New World Order? and How Biblical Is Zionism? “, is setting up a New world Order according to their “chosenness”. This means THEY will take no sharing, no partner but only followers like Australia, the UK, France, Japan, China etc (Yes, you hear me clearly, China. I said it before in this blog and I don’t want to repeat!)

They will come and devour Moscow from within. That’s nonnegotiable!  Thus, if Putin had not been on board with them, and Russians really want to live in peace, he and his Russians must fight to the end. Everyone knows that it’s not about the fucking Assad, not even Syria, it’s about their “chosen nonnegotiable hegemony”, the Jewish new world order and  Russia as their last hurdle. So, don’t fucking tell me that Russia- Putin are fighting for Syrians. Russia-Putin are fighting for themselves, their very existence! They (including Putin The Saker camp)  must have known this, otherwise … just a bunch of wishful thinking idiots. Thus,  the first body bag Putin must send back is the fucking Jewish soldiers. Hezbollah did just that and has changed the way the fucking Jews looking at them so far!

Well, I don’t hold my breath on this. After all the shit they have thrown on the Syrians, Putin, the “powerful protector” just “may consider supplying S-300 missile systems to Syria”!




Resonant Syria strike suggests coordinated US-Israel message to Russia and Iran

Overnight attack comes with Pompeo in the region, Netanyahu and Trump on the phone, Liberman in the US, and the US Army CENTCOM chief having visited without fanfare last week

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (C) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) arrive for a joint press conference at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv on April 29, 2018. (AFP PHOTO / Thomas COEX)

Hours after a mysterious “earthquake” — 2. 6 on the Richter scale — registered on the devices of the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, the circumstances behind the series of explosions that shook Syria overnight Sunday-Monday are starting to become clear.

An increasing number of media organizations associated with the Syrian regime and Hezbollah are hinting that Israel was responsible. According to a report in the Al Akhbar newspaper, identified with Hezbollah, bunker buster missiles, which do not explode on impact but rather deep in the ground, hit bases in the Hama and Aleppo areas. Hence the “earthquake.”

The base that was attacked in the Hama area belongs to the 47th Brigade of President Bashar Assad’s Syrian Army, but apparently there were many Shiites and/or Iranians in the area. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory (based in London) reported that 26 people were killed in this attack, Iranians among them. Another report spoke of 38 fatalities. Whatever the case, it is clear that the strike was highly unusual in several respects.

First and foremost was the sheer power of the attack. The pictures and the sounds, and the large number of casualties, point to an incident of larger scale than those to which we have become accustomed. We are not talking here about just another strike on another Hezbollah convoy, but rather what would appear to be a new step in what is now the almost-open warfare being waged between Iran and Israel in recent weeks on Syrian territory. The same player that earlier this month attacked the T-4 airbase, from which an Iranian attack drone was launched into Israel in February, apparently struck again overnight Sunday-Monday, taking the gloves off and moving into a new level of military confrontation.

Second, not only is the attacking force not rushing to take responsibility, but those who are being attacked are not hurrying to assign blame. That is to say, there may be hints regarding ostensible Israeli responsibility, but there has been no direct accusation — at least not at the time of writing.

Indeed, one newspaper associated with the Assad regime, Tishreen, has even claimed that the attack was carried out by US and UK forces using ballistic missiles fired from Jordan. This report would appear to be somewhat improbable, but the bottom line is that Damascus, Tehran and even Moscow would seem to be wary at this stage of issuing declarations that might require them to retaliate against Israel, or cause them to appear to be making empty threats in light of Iran’s repeated public promises after the last attack, on T-4, that retaliation against Israel would emphatically follow.

Third, the latest strike was carried out at a time when the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting the region, and just a few hours after he held talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two of them used the opportunity to issue no shortage of threats and promises to thwart Iran’s aggression and nuclear ambitions.

Late Sunday, news also broke of a phone call between Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has been meeting with his US counterpart James Mattis in Washington. And less than a week ago, Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of the US army’s Central Command, or CENTCOM, whose sphere of responsibility includes Syria and Iran, made a largely unpublicized visit to Israel.

All this is beginning to look rather like a coordinated Israeli-American operation to limit Iran’s military activities in Syria — simultaneously conveying the message to Moscow that Russia’s green light for Iran to establish itself militarily in Syria is not acceptable in Jerusalem and Washington.

These developments are unfolding during a highly dramatic period in the region, with the US two weeks away from opening its embassy in Jerusalem. Of most specific relevance, however, is the fact that in less than two weeks the Trump administration will make its decision on whether or not to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal.

In that light, the resonant strikes in Syria overnight will doubtless constitute considerable food for thought for Tehran, and indeed Moscow, regarding their next moves in Syria and maybe in other places as well.