Russians, Syrians, Palestinians have you seen and heard enough of the fucking civilized West? If you are still dreaming even after they humanitarianly and  humanely bombed you, I guess your brains must start to function when Macron just declared  “France, US & allies to ‘build Syria of tomorrow’!

You see! They don’t give a shit what you think. They decided to humanitarianly and  humanely bombed you whenever they feel like it, and then now decided to build “your future” whether you like it or not!  Who the fuck ask them to do so? Not you, the Syrians of course, but the fucking Jews. After all, It’s their fucking “promised land” from their fucking Yahweh before he died! They, the  West all are doing by order of and for the fucking Jews. And their goal is fixed, absolutely not negotiable. That means if you don’t like it you must fight them hard. You have no choice!  If you don’t want to face the reality and prefer the Blue Pill, be my guests!

Russians- Putin, what about your “super animation weapons” that you showed on the big screen? I told you.  Paul Craig Roberts told you repeatedly. They have no shame, no decency, no humanity at all.

They don’t give a shit that the Syrian householders asked and invited You, the Russians in to help them. To them, Russians did not exist in Syria! Even the little fucking Jewish State doesn’t give a shit about you Russians! They challenged you, even threatened you! Why? Because they know you and understand you inside out, but you don’t know them at all. After all many of them were Russians but Jewish! They know you still stupidly believe in the so-called international law, the so-called western values, justice all kind of shit talking,  all of which They themselves  don’t give a shit at all.

Putin,  his Russians and Muslims especially Syrians and Palestinians  must have understood by now that there is no such thing called  “international laws”, and more importantly there is no such the fucking progressive liberals in the West, whom you wish to believe in and hope with!

Here is the Red Pill for Palestinians. For more than  60 years the Jews have brutally, inhumanly been ruling the Palestinians in the way worse than they would treat their live cattle. Muslims have been vilified, discriminated and physically abused and murdered systematically on daily basis by the Jews in the land of Palestine- and by the West and in the West… But everything is OK! Business as usual as if they and the world did not even  know the Gazans exist and are suffering! As John Pilger calls these people:  NON- PEOPLE. They don’t exist in the modern Western values with Talmudic mindset!


Look at how they have treated the “chosen ones”, who have enjoyed special treatment that even the white goyim cannot have, and now sitting on the top of every western societies, but somehow these fucking privileged  Jews still have “fear” of  being threatened by “anti-semi”. Just one “incident” in Berlin (who knows if THEY created it) and the whole Western world jumps up and down for THEM as if the sky is falling down!

I have lived in and traveled around the West for 35 years , I have noticed that whenever the fucking Jews murder and massacre the Palestinians, then there would be always a “holocaust” things appearing on national television or something about antisemitism to be discussed on public  radio, television, and national newspapers as a distraction and a remind of a unique Jewish victimhood .

And now just after the fucking Jews massacred Palestinians in Gaza even though the whole West just shrugged, still there an “anti-semi” incident happened right in Berlin (Oh yeah Hitler, Shoha)!   The whole Western world is trembling just because of this unconfirmed shit!  Personally with confirmed precedence, I  KNOW that THEY FAKED IT! Or THEY even did it themselves and blamed the “anti-semi”. This kind of self-proclaimed chosen, exceptional creature will stop at nothing to achieve its goal!

By now, Russians, Palestinians, If you don’t wake up and open your eyes, you deserve whatever they have done to you! Learn from the Hezbollah.

By the way, one last time I make myself clear that I AM NOT ANTI-SEMI, since “Semite, Semitic” is a group of languages spoken in Middle East, or Semites , according to the fucking stupid fiction called the Bible or Torah, are the descendants  of Shem, the eldest of the three sons of Noah. (Note: this fucking story is plagiarized from the Sumerians myths -Babylonian cuneiform clay tablet) . Thus, accordingly,  Shem’s descendants are a bunch of different people in Middle East.

I am ANTI- the fucking JEWS, who are the political invention of the sicked minds with the most absurd and destructive “chosenness”. The “fucking Jews” that Gilad Atzmon, Shlomo Sand and many others don’t want to be identified with anymore!

For fuck sake,  I don’t even call myself a fucking Vietnamese anymore either! Because it’s stupid, destructive, and dangerous!

“When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” Jiddu Krishnamurti