You might have read and heard a lot of about the aftermath of the 103 cruise missile punishment. I have,  and I am sick of all the apologetics for Russia-Putin’s lack of decisive action .

(photo: Muslim Rohingya has been massacred  in  Myanmar)

Pictures Of The Week Photo GalleryFolks, put yourselves in the position of a householder who respectfully invited a powerful man into his own home to fight burglars  and thieves  or even some bullies. Imagine that YOU were that desperate householder.

That powerful man was boasting that he was skillful and had powerful weapon to fight off any threat. But there is a bully in town who just ignored and does not give a shit that you are having a “powerful guest” in your house. He arrogantly broke in and squatted  in part of your property and even slapping  your kids around and  even assisting some of the thieves breaking your stuffs at will, while the powerful guest who was supposed to “assist you” did nothing  except crawling around the neighborhood trying to explain the bad behavior of the bully.

Put it bluntly, what would the fucking Yanks  do if Russia dared to punish the fucking Jewish State, or any country that has US military bases on it!

Putin has shown and proven his own weakness, He does not have what he said he did. He did not do what he said he would. Russian Putin did not even dare to sell weapons to Iran, Syria so that they can fight for themselves!

Thus the gate is open wider now. The fucking Jews just shot the Palestinians at will and everyone just shrugs. No punishment!  The fucking Jews, the French, the Brits, The Yanks also can attack any country, especially country with Russian military presence, at will too! Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi is now murdering Muslim Rohingya at will too. There will be more “Judge Dredd punishments”  to come because no one will dare to stop them.

At this point I would strongly say that Putin has been working his way  NOT TO AGAINST THEM  but to join THEM, to be accepted by THEM.  Russia Putin as a “one man show” has never been sincerely in helping and assisting  those  Muslim countries against the Empire. Russia will be devoured from within by the elements of Jewish controlled Cabal.