What has one learned from the current circus (not crisis) a.k.a poison gas and punishment?

bloodpawnsThe very first lesson is that  Governments do not give a fuck about people lives. People lives are disposable as pawns in their politic. Remember THEY,  together again,  “coordinated” in firing the 103 missiles  on Syrian people heads. SO do you still believe that governments and leaders are there to protect YOU the people?

I am no weapon expert, but I do not need any expert to understand what damage a single modern missile can cause to people. I lived through the fucking Viertnam war. I myself witnessed what destruction just a single “backward” WWII type artillery shell, not even an advanced modern “tomahawk”,  could do to people lives and properties.  Like all the recent “shooting” and “terrorist attacks” in the West, I have not seen any casualty-no dead body at all.  Especially the last 60 missile attack in April 2017 and now 103 missiles! Have they played YOU the people with Toy R Us products?

(photos: Vietnam War- this is how the old style bombs and shells did to people and buildings)

For fuck sake, use your brains people!!!

Anyway, the important question is since when the fucking Jewish controlled  West become “Judge Dredd” of the world? Why have Russians Putin  and Syrian Assad  had to explain and prove their innocence to the fucking Jewish controlled West, who has fucked all the rules and laws domestically and internationally murdering millions innocent people most of them women and children, and counting ?

International law? The USA, the whole Western “democrazies” and their master the fucking Jewsish state never respect the so-called international law at all. Why the fuck have Russian Putin and the Rest acted so stupidly and naively in accepting this absurdity? Did the Yanks and the Jews try to explain to Russia and the Rest and prove their “innocence”  on their murdering and destruction of Palestine and Iraq?

If this “Self-righteous-moralism” is the so-called “world order” then why Russia and the Rest did not punish the fucking Jewish State for the crimes they have been committing against the Palestinians every single day since 1948?  Why Russia and the Rest did not punish the US-led West for the war crimes they have committed against the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Latin Americans? Why did no one punish the fucking Arab Saudis for the crime they have been committing against their own people and the Yemeni?

Thus, please Russian/Putin Syrian Assad just shut the fuck up about “international law” that NO BODY observes and respects. Stop crawling to explain and prove your innocence  If you are what you claim you are, and have what you claim you have, then just prove it. I have to give THEM the credit where credit’s due though, they did what they said: attacking YOU, at least according to their mouths, your own mouths and the  MSM, though I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER!!!

Last but not least, to you all my fellow human beings YOU deserve what you BELIEVE.  You hate Mark Zuckerberg? I despise him But he is right:  people are just dumb fucks! indeed.