PQC: You see, Sibel Edmond is just a small example on this controlled opposition. She is just a small government’s  MOLE in the alt-media jungle. If you have followed these  “prominent alt-medians” long enough with a critical thinking mind  you would know by now antiwar.com, UNZ Review, Zerohedge.com are among  those well camouflaged moles. There is no coincidence that these “alt-medians”  carry out an assault on and caste a big “doubt”  over alter media as a whole.

I had promised you folks that one day soon I would give reasons why I had had reservations on “Sibel Edmond” . But  this Scot American  Everyman blew it.

Enjoy his rants on Sibel and “others”. He’s good, folks!

Please, Be skeptical and remember you will never be paranoid enough. Fame, money, fear certainly can change people. Sigh, a very long sigh folks. We all must die one day. Why the fuck?



My Take on Sibel Edmonds: Why are People Surprised?

Sibel Edmonds turning on Vanessa, Eva and Patrick? Ending her hit-piece video with seeming support for the attack on independent journalism right as we are about to ratchet-up the war on Syria? And folks act surprised Sibel is toeing the establishment line? Anyone remember her 9/11 “truthtelling”? Anyone?

James Corbett video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6IqyfDfImI
Sibel’s Wikipage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sibel_Edmonds
Richard Engel article with some “new” propaganda https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/investigators-quietly-probe-allegations-syrian-war-crimes-n858641

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