bluffing People say Texas Hold ‘Em is the art of bluffing.  Your bluffing  is good only when your opponents are not so sure about themselves, afraid of losing, and don’t know about you and what you may or could have.

Russia and Putin have been constantly bullied and humiliated  by the fucking Jews, who have been hiding under the West ‘s skirt and the Holocaust’ mask. Instead of retaliating with real actions to prove her true strength, Russia/Putin has chosen to bluff with empty words and “animated super weapons” on the big national TV screen!

This bluffing is so childish and stupid. Only wishful thinking people believe it. First  you don’t bluff when “the flop”, and the turn, and especially the “river” do not show high hands possibilities. . Secondly, you don’t bluff the highest stake bully in the table who would not care about losing just a little with your “lowered chips” unless you really HAVE IT  in a highest or absolute winning hand, which Russia does not have right now.  That means you are in no position to bluff at all. Either you HAVE IT or you DON’T!  From Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Ukrain, Georgia,  Libya, and now Syria, where Russia has paid dearly  only to be insulted and humiliated further!  Every time THEY bet, Russian folded! While the Yank has been  the highest stake bully who not only rapidly bet but raised and re-raised all the time, especially in Syria. You do not bluff an opponent who has full of chips and  does not care about losing but desperate to win at any cost! In Poker parlance , you don’t bluff a monkey player. The fucking Jewish US-led West is a monkey player.

As a mater of fact, the Yanks have not been bluffing at all. They know what they HAVE and what they WANT, and  knew for certain what Russia does not have! That’s why they attacked Russia  directly and brazenly at every front and actually killed Russians and its generals, high rank officials without a blink.  They even have brazenly made up  the whole series of  “poison gas” story to bully Russia. In one word THEY deliberately provoked Putin/Russia  for THEY knew Russia would not dare to retaliate. ( Or as some may suspect that Putin has been in it)

let’s face it! The Yanks have no limit on weapon research spending- THEY can actually “print” trillions dollars-still the global currency – at anytime without drama! No body really knows for sure what the Yanks really already have in secret. But everyone knows that Russia has not been in a good position financially and economically to carry out such time consuming and costly high-tech weapon business at least since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

If I were Putin, I would never be stupid enough to bluff Western governments whose politicians are just Jewish clowns, who do not have even a tiny bit of decency much less courage to give a shit about their people’s well being or opinions. They just act as they are told by their Jewish masters.  But I would definitely “bluff” the Western population by  sending back their fucking “loved murderers” in body bags as the fucking Vietcong did in the Vietnam War.

I have lived in the West for more than 30 years. I no longer have any respect for “the West” whose people have lost their critical thinking, reasoning capability. and the sense of reality. All they have been taught to care about is “antisemitism” as if protecting the Jews is the only meaning of their lives, while it’s ok  as millions Arab Muslims have been murdered, and Palestinians have been treated as rats by the Jews.  Nothing but their own blood and corpses will wake them up. and male them think again.

Anyway, that’s all the IFs for the sake of pure analysis. I do not know for sure if Putin is really in this game or not. It’s so illogical for Russia/Putin just diligently responds to all the childish lies, tricks with “sincere explanations” of fucking “international law”.

As I said before, the whole thing is a perfect distraction from reality, namely  the failure of “representative social democracy”, the ugly face of the State: the eroding of liberty, human rights, and the tightening grip of corporations and their governments (fascism) on people lives.

We all are living at the critical time when decency is at the nadir and psychopathy is at the zenith  Be prepared folks!