Dear folks,

The current situation of our world is in such a mess, which has confused not only ordinary people but also even well-informed and critical thinking people. Many things have been taking place but the maths cannot add up!   I cannot help but have to put forward my theory to you all, so that we all  can think about this.

The whole anti-Russia circus with all the fake news and the so-called threat of Nuclear World War 3 are nothing more than a great diversion/distraction from their real plan.

That is:

a-Destroying people in Middle East then taking over the land and natural resources.

b-Dividing domestic citizenry  for effectively tighter control . Consolidating Statism, the State power & authority in people mind.

Unfortunately I have to admit that so far they have succeed. Everyone  is talking about Russia, Russia, Russia and  no one cares how millions of lives have been destroyed in Middle East by the Jews and the Yanks.

Have you ever seriously asked yourselves why the whole Western world’s political arena has become a circus with full of clowns a.k.a politicians? Why all of a sudden  are all MSM in the Western world    shamelessly and brazenly flushing out all the lies, fake news, and their talking heads just read out all the lies with their straight faces?

All of them from politicians. academicians  to journalists no longer care about their reputation or people opinion, they just lie with their straight faces while looking “you” in the eyes without any hesitation. False flag after false flag have been exposed and proven with proofs, but they keep doing false flags one after another even without level of sophistication. They don’t even care to hide it!

Are THEY truly confident that they have successfully have the people brainwashed and demoralized?

Personally I am afraid THEY are!

As you’ve known that I have said not long ago n this blog that there will be no Nuclear WW3, except regional proxy wars. THEY are evil but not stupid. Their plan is to CONTROL the world not to DESTROY the world. Yes, they will destroy your freewill, your liberty, your dignity but not your body. They need slaves. They need pawns to play kings and queens.

I just wonder how long this situation will last!