jewsFolks, the plan to break Russia from within and without has already set in motion. Putin has shown Russian weakness that has enabled the Jewish power orchestrated their escalation. Russians and Syrians have done a heavy task to wipe off the Jewish controlled ISIS… Now the Yankees come and take control 1/3 of Syria and has begun  to fight the Syrian and Russia Armies for the Jews: Disassembling Syria!

Putin and the Russian people must understand by now that no matter what Russia does and will do, the Jewish controlled Cabal will break Russia apart. And that defending Syria is not just for Syria per se, but that is to defend Russia survival, or to be precise, Russian existence!

Even If Russia did nothing and chose isolationism, THEY would still come to break Russia anyway. That’s how Statism and imperialism works: Hegemony is the game, and so is monopoly in economic!

If I were Putin I would have presented all the facts and told the Russian people this naked truth in national television, then let them make their choice: Being forcefully disintegrated or fighting back.

If Russian people were a bunch of moronic cowards and sheeples, (that I think not!) then Russia would be disintegrated rapidly with the Russian Jews would fill in all the core sectors (e.g finance, media, industry, education) of the remained Russia and take control as they have done “peacefully and successfully ” in the West especially in the USA!

If Russian people understood their dire situation and accept to fight, they must understand and prepare to fight their enemies from within and without.

Russia first will  have to make clear that they will support Syria’s sovereignty and her territorial integrity with firm actions, not words, to any outside force against Syria- in fact Syria to them is just an excuse, their true target is Russia. Therefore Russia must include the use of direct force to any violation and aggression by the Jewish state and the USA. And don’t ever forget that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Turkey is Trojan horse!

Russia Putin must show the people of America and the Jews both inside and outside of the Jewish State that Russia really means business!

I know this is a huge task and a great burden on Russia’s shoulder. It is almost an impossible task. But is there any choice for Russia?

The burden would be lighter if Russia truly helps Iran improving her military force, and in turn Iran must also put her life on the line together  with Russia. Unfortunately we have not seen these two developments clearly yet! The Jewish state has violated Iran many times at will but Iran has not done a thing in retaliation! Both Russia and Iran somehow still keep their hope that one day they will be accepted as equal partners  by the Jewish West!  Or do they fear something?

The people of the USA (and the West in general)  and that of  the Jewish state have been living in the bubble of “superiority” for so long , in which their Governments and their armies can attack others at will without consequences. Since 911, the general population in the West has lost its sense of justice, its sense of common humanity has gone. They have shown their indifference toward other people’s sufferings, which have been deliberately caused  by their own people and their own governments.

The plight of the Palestinians has prolonged in front of their eyes since 1948! The half of a million Iraqi children death, the weapon of mass destruction lies and millions lives have lost in the so-called cake walk liberation of Iraq ; the lies on Libya and the lynching of Qaddafi; the Mossad-CIA-run ISIS, and the obvious phoney war on terror, which actually the war on their own liberty and dignity! But …

They need to be shaken up to reality. In this situation, only Russia has the capability to shake them up- then let them decide whether they want direct war with Russia. If they still believe they are “chosen people” and choose to support their Jewish controlled government to go war with Russia- then so be it! That’s what they want! No one can do anything about this! This is terribly sad to say but the people of the West need to see their own bleeding blood, their own loved ones’ body bags  piling up as it was in the Vietnam War just to make them think again!

As I have said whatever Russia does or does not do,  the Jewish controlled West will break Russia anyway!

Remember by heart that when the Jewish Controlled West utters the word “negotiation” they mean adding more pressures and buying time. Their ultimate goal will never change!

Think about this! Don’t just blame the Jewish Cabal!  This is the price for loving and worshiping the State with or without the Jewish Cabal! The Jewish Cabal or any evil club just cannot do it without Statism! No dictator, no tyrant could commit large scale crimes and atrocities without the population’s complicity!