russian bearI don’t know if I should be frustrated or just despise those who claim themselves “alt-media” for the way they have been reporting and analyzing the world current affairs, especially concerning Russia/US relations . Somehow they  cannot see the obvious or there must be  something that prevents them from seeing  what is written on the wall. There is one exception though, that is Dr Paul Craig Roberts, who knows exactly what the Jewish Controlled Cabal’s ultimate goal is. Of course Dr P.C.Roberts did not call them “the Jewish Controlled Cabal” as I do, but he uses the euphemism AngloZionists/Necocons/Deep State. Whatever name one uses, the fact remains that the Jews are the majority that dictates that cabal.  Many times, Dr P.C.Roberts has repeatedly and consistently  warned that The Cabal will never, ever abandon its goal of world hegemony. This is the zero sum game of throne. This obviously and clearly means the Cabal does not and will not accept any equal partner at all.  Submit or else.Period.

I have long concurred  with Dr P.C.Roberts in that above particular strong point and his raising a concern that Russia (and Putin) seem do not understand their dire situation.  Russia (and Putin)  still hope that soon one day the Cabal, euphemistically called the “West”, will understand Russia ‘s (Putin) good intention and her will to join the West as equal partner! If this is true (it’s very likely so) then the Russians and Putin are so naive and so ignorant. The Cabal’s position of hegemony  is non-negotiable.

Russia is the biggest and the last hurdle on their path. No matter what Russia is or will be, whether Russia was communist or is now a Christian Orthodox democracy, a type of conservative that the American Christian Right has always dreamed of, Russia is always their prime target. They have proceeded their plan not only to encircle but also to break Russia from within. Thus, until Russia accepts to the submission like the whole Western world, Japan, South Korea did, she will have no peace.

One should wonder why the Cabal’s henchmen a.k. a the US-led-West have embraced  the communist China and helped this “undemocratic nation” getting  rich and modernizing since 1972;  cherished the shithole primitive auto-theocracy Arab Saudi and its minions as “friends” with full special “co-operation,” while imposing crippling measures  on Russia, a Christian democracy, a western-like society, in every aspect and at every field.

They shot down Russian Jet-fighter, murdered Russian general and diplomats. They have brazenly harassed  and restricted Russian agencies and interests abroad… Russia keeps negotiating and proving her good will… and hope!

They will succeed in breaking Russia apart, if Russian doesn’t have an effective strategy to fight back. If Russia does, the world will have a new Cold-war and many proxy-wars to come. At any rate, Empire will never last, and Hegemony is a destructive delusional dream, but these two “ideologies”  have caused tremendous and uncountable destruction and immeasurable  human suffering.  They will cause even more destruction and suffering in this modern age with new advanced science and technology as long as the world is still operated  within this statist paradigm. Even food and medicine have been weaponized!  Such a waste of human energy, human lives, and natural resources.

Having said that, I did not mean to advocate war. I just offer a Real- politik analysis in order to point out the fact that our nation-state world system has no solution for peace. war, and conflict. Because it is the source of war and conflict!

How many “experts” have realized  that this kind of brutal Real-politik is a principle product of  statism?  It’s the nature of statism. Every nation-state will thrive to be an empire when opportunity arises- many of them once were! War is the health of the State. War is a racket. War is the nadir of humankind’s idiocy. Human history has proven all over again that all of the above are facts. This statist grand chess game will never pause much less being scrapped away unless the world abandons statism and start living in Anarchy.  Thus, calling for world peace, liberty, and justice while worshiping the State is a naive, futile act, if not dishonest!

How long has humanity cried for peace, liberty? How many revolutions have passed? Humanity has fought  many bloody battles and revolutions and tried different  forms of societies that  are all  based on  statism And what have we had now?  Nothing will change if their is no real and true paradigm shift. Statism, the root of all evil is still the fundamental of human society. We have piously  planted the lime tree and passionately expect to harvest oranges!

Anarchism is the last and the only answer  for humanity survival in liberty, peace, and prosperity.