PQC: Despite all the threats of banning, major bitcoiners just keep doing and promoting Bitcoin business. Besides, if Bitcoin and other Alt-coins are harmful to world economy and societies, why the fuck didn’t Banksters and their governments just criminalize them right the way? Instead they all have talked of banning.regulating with  ambiguity and  flip-flop and then back and forth again and again. Are they up to something? Scaring off people from Bitcoin so they can sell their own Government Cryptos? They knew that they just can’t do it successfully!

Only dumbshits will buy “fiat-cryptos!”

At any rate, this month is a good opportunity for  Bitcoin new comers to get some bitcoins (e.g 0.01, or 0.05 or 0.10 BTC). And for small Bitcoin owners this is rare chance to make some more numbers in  wallets with any humble cash available.

Bitcoin will go up again very soon, folks!

Jack Dorsey: “We Support Bitcoin; It Is A Path Towards Greater Financial Access For All”
Jack Dorsey


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