Dear friends,

By now I knew that many of you have spotted out something false in the cartoon. But I am going to share my view anyway.

First, since all the “characters” represent the governments, not the people, it does give the impression that the USA government is in charge as the Head of the family and the Jewish state government is  the second in command of “the family”. That’s dangerously misleading.

Neither the USA government nor the Israeli government are really in charge . And there is no “Anglozionist family”.  It’s the Jewish control Cabal (or The Commission, if you prefer) with its tentacles, which are all Jewish lobbies and agencies living and operating inside each of these nations. The USA is just its Head Quarter and the USA Government is its  principle henchman or Caporegime if you like,  the Jewish State is its “Consigiere ”

The cartoon fails to show the true element that has made all Western governments become “those obedient happy dogs”. That element is all kind of Jewish lobbies and agencies operating inside of each western nation. In one frank word, the Jews.

And if one look at this as a Cabal rather than a “family” closer, one cannot miss the central element of it. That is the Jewishness, the chosenness. The term “Anglo-zionism” cannot explain the way in which the Jews as a whole in the Jewish state have treated the Palestinians and the Arabs. The term Anglo-Zionism cannot even explain the way in which  internally,  the Non- Ashkenazi Jews have been treated by the Ashkenazi Jews 

The term Anglo-Zionism cannot explain the way in which their “policies” more than often are harmful to Western societies and Western people rather than beneficial. The term Anglo-zionism cannot explain why the Anglo-goyim/ gentiles have never really and truly been in charge of the matter as “the head of the family” supposed to be, but often being forced  acting as cat paws  and patsies if not disposed. Just look at how the USS Liberty has been dealt with, and how the “POTUS” Jimmy Carter has been treated! (I don’t know if any of you remember the late Australian PM M.Frazer) And look at the current POTUS Clown now! So much  for the Anglo-power! Only the Talmudic Jewishness can.The-AngloZionist-family-goes-for-a-stroll