PQC: Well, the Catholic Church has always got away with this “child molestation”, then so have the high ranking politicians everywhere. Under statist system, one can get away with everything if one is in the circle of statist power.

If you murder one person, you will certainly get the worse punishment your society and you fellow citizens would guaranty that you “deserve”  . But if you murder hundred of thousands. millions, your society and your fellow citizens will praise you as a patriot, as their national hero.

Do you still believe that everyone is equal in front of the law? Can you afford a best well-connected lawyer in the nation?

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”― Jonathan Swift

If you believe otherwise. Be my guest!


PS: I read the Bible.  particularly the whole “Genesis”. I have been reading the Talmud. I feel vomiting every time,  but keep reading it. When it comes to expose the Jews, one must read their holly books”, listen to their rabies carefully  in order to obtain first hand proofs with direct quotes.

I cannot fathom the fact that so many people still consider these dirty lowest ebb of humanity as their “holly bible” and a sickening terrible creature called  Yahweh as their holly God. If you have not read the “Bible”- please find time and patience to read it!


Monster or Scapegoat?

The Senior Editor

Larry Nassar, a Muslim, a sports doctor, just got 175 years in prison for sex abuse that directly parallels Jeff Epstein (Trump’s continual “real life” companion, the one who “pulled” for Trump) and Hollywoodite Harvey Weinstein.

Nassar is least of the three.  Epstein got a wrist slap and Weinstein hired Mossad agents to harass his victims.  Trump simply “settles.”  Nassar should have had the same privilege, hire Mossad agents to silence victims or simply  pay them and silence them with NDC docs, which Trump has done over 2000 times according to record including one child sex murder accusation file in New York courts in 2015.

This isnt’ a new epidemic and it is not equally male or female but more equally so than let on.  Sexually aggression like Trump’s is a hate crime, not “locker room antics.”

The root is a sick society and it isn’t just wealthy and twisted Satan worshiping Jews as many claim.  It is everywhere.  People simply aren’t wired to have sexual urges and though this was bad enough before media began its work, which we will go into, we can take this back to Abraham.

Islam states that Sarah asked Abraham to marry Hagar, an Egyptian handmaiden in order to bring about Ishmael.  When Ishmael was born, god supposedly told Abraham to take Hagar and Ishmael out in the desert and abandon them.

The Hebrew bible has it different.  Isaac, supposedly born of a 90 year old Sarah, is allowed to invent a bizarre narrative of betray and revenge which reflects on the Hebrew god as a monstrosity and establishes, as in so many cases, a history of moral laxity behind the Jewish religion.

Those of you unfamiliar with Christianity, Islam or Judaism need to read the relevant “holy books” and make your own judgment.  I personally love the story of Joseph and his brothers.  When actually reading this stuff, the version from Islam are considerably more rational and reflective of a deity that isn’t criminally insane.

Then again, Islam reveres Jesus and Judaism despises him.  When we remember that the Council of Nicaea run by pagan emperor and sociopath Constantine designed Christianity and chose its “holy books” by discarding most of the teachings of Jesus and clutching at anything supporting a version of Christianity identical to the pagan Roman religion.  This is where Catholicism comes from.

Similarly, Islam is a reformed version of Judaism, with Mohammed as a prophet but also Jesus as well.  I don’t love running but there may well be roots inside Judaism and Catholicism and other religions I believe were engineered around the foibles of the priesthood class, rulers that weren’t smart, not very strong, didn’t like to work, but wanted to eat free and do nothing.

Thus, we have religion.

The issue with Larry Nasser is something else.  I used to attend the Olympics, either as a shill for a corporate sponsor or through working security.  What was seen, seen openly, and known by everyone is behavior such as we see by Nassar on behalf of “sponsors,” wealthy benefactors with a love of having sex with skaters and gymnasts such as Trump with beauty pageant contestants.  The names, particularly one New York sports team owner who comes to mind, are more than a few.  Nasser’s behavior was the norm, he just didn’t have the juice to get away with it.

We first need to decide how much we want to protect children and, secondly, how much surveillance and supervision is required.  We have to admit, be it priests or coaches or whatever, there is a problem.  We have to decide who we are and what the rights of children are as well.

Adding to this, we have homes where there is drug and alcohol abuse but more than that.  Millions of children, even in the US, live in poverty, concerned from day to day, despite parents attempts to keep such thing secret in most cases, where the next meal will come from of if there will be a family home.

We also need to admit to and identify child sex and murder cults that are tied to DC politicians, evangelical religions and organized crime.  I have worked on several investigations in the US, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, France, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria and, worst of all, Belgium and the Netherlands.  (more as well)

A method for identifying child predators, many of whom sit at the tables of power, need to be developed and treatment for such individuals has to be developed as well.

Whether as is claimed (over and over) that Trump and Epstein are complicit or that a cult within the DC/Pentagon establishment (proven) exists, are top considerations.

Do want to start psychological testing for all adults, male and female, who work with children or young adults?  Are there any situations where sexual predatory behavior is not possible?  Lord knows, do we even want to ask why our Googleized society and anti-social media may well be turning potential younger victims into the willing targets Hollywood depicts them as?

Are children worth saving?  Should we be judged on how we treat our children?  Is Nassar a scapegoat for Weinstein?

Are adult males unable to act like human beings around teenage girls?  Reminds me when I was student teaching so many decades ago, watching teachers having affairs with young teen girls, something I suspect is less common now.  Anyone could read it, power tripping 14 year olds and burned out nerd 40 “plus” teachers reliving a youth that never existed.

If moral rules are going to be considered, then for everyone and punishment that is real.  Where is social pressure and accountability?  Why does it have to be police and our crooked courts?  And so it goes…