The Real and True Shithole Nations on Earth.

by PQC

In this 21C, there are news that make you neither cry nor laugh but disturbed and vomiting. Of course if you still have a functioning brain of a human being.

-There still is a country in which, for the first time in history female citizens are allowed to drive a car! For the first the female citizens are allowed to enter sport stadiums. Do you know what that “nation” is? I give you a hint if you just come back from the moon or are now living in the USA. It’s the second most important ally of the “democratic, progressive” West and the Jewish State.

-There still is a country which established a state religion with apartheid state policy that not only discriminates against the Arabs but also against its own “chosen ones”, who happen to not being Ashkenazic! This nation is also an ugliest. most brutal modern colonizer, a land thief, and an expert in open terrorism by its Talmudic “values”. This nation locates in the Middle East but is the true Master of the West. Yet, it still declares itself as “democratic nation”.

-And last but not least, there is a nation which claims to be the first modern democracy in the world. And this nation has a proud open torturing policy, a largest high-tech militarized criminal police force, a most corrupt Justice system,  a biggest source of MSM fake news, a largest incarcerated population, a largest working poor population,  a bunch of bought and sold coward clowns as its Congress., and a criminal clown as its President. This nation is also considered a main threat to world stability and world peace by people around the world.

These three “shitholes” share a common feature. That is they are the main source of terrorism around the world!

For a political correctness reason, I cannot name their names here., with its new “terms of services and new privacy policy,  would suspend my blog if I did. But I am sure you can make a good “guess”, of course if you are not one of them.