Hello World! Assalamu Alaikum to all citizens of this planet,

breakingchainWe’ve just dragged into the 18th year of the 21thC with all kind of crises. I don’t feel good and cannot feel good, and I cannot pretend to be otherwise to celebrate anything while I know for a fact that millions of my fellow human beings in Syria and else where are suffering right now, especially children. Thus I have a humble request from you, please just pause for a moment and just give these victims some minutes of your thoughts. That’s all I humbly ask.

The Jewish controlled Cabal has started their plan B for a new war in Middle East right after the defeat of their ISIS.

They have send more mercenaries into the region and started to regroup and retrain their remaining ISIS. They have directly provoked Syria and Iran. They infiltrated and started to make social, political unrest in Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

They had planned this “game” and then executed its first stage with the 911 false flag. Therefore without exposing and naming  the true culprits, we will not solve anything at all. But worst we all will be thrown deeper into their trap without knowing it.

On the other front, they have intensified the attack on Crypto currencies, especially the Bitcoin with fake news and threats from governments. They will fail as they have many times, for Bitcoin and other public crypto-currencies are not just better medium of exchange in terms of economic, but a vehicle of liberty. Not all Bitcoin users know and understand the true value of Bitcoin is liberty. They just joined in for profit. That’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. But it will be a big help for the cause if they do understand that Bitcoin is Liberty revolution.  However, there are many freedom loving Bitcoiners do. We use Bitcoin first and foremost because we love liberty, we do not want to be controlled by banksters and their governments. We will never let our liberty being taken away.

The sad thing is Bitcoin has been treated as an asset more than a medium of exchange at this moment. Bitcoin will not be an asset without being a high value medium of exchange. That’s why governments around the world have tried to destroy this very fundamental function of the Bitcoin with all sort of restriction. No one can push the Bitcoin, a free money (as in free speech) out of the free market! (remember there are some private blockchain coins among thousands crytocurrencies- I categorically reject them for the obvious reason)

Last but not least, this WordPress.com has changed it so called “privacy policy” in accordance with the order of the Cabal. Read the “new privacy policy” and you will see that:

1- These “companies” DO read your draft even in real-time. That, by implication they can alter, modify, or even delete some “forbidden words” or even your entire post before you publish it.

2- They can dope you in with excuses such as “required by law”. This, also by implication means they are playing a scaremongering psy-op in order to make you, the bloggers implementing self censorship on yourselves and on your readers. This is exactly what George Orwell criticized and warned us in his introduction of “the Animal Farm”.

The paradigm is shifting and these “chosen ones” will not let their parasitic power go without wrecking anything they can. They are desperate!

Please do not let anything, anyone taking away your humanity. No power can destroy you as long as you hold on to your humanity.

That’s all I can share with you on this very first day of the new year. Please bear with my rusty English.