Dear friends around the world,

My friends, We are about to  pass seventeen years in the new millennium .  All the hope and aspiration we had when the Cold War was over and the so-called jubilation of year 2000 are still  illusive more than ever. Wars, destruction, chaos, crises have taken place one after another. Millions children have been brutally murdered not as collateral damages as the Jewish West have tried to lie, but deliberately on purpose. And millions even billions have been trapped in designed poverty in neo-slavery a.k.a sweatshops, factories, sex-industries, loans and debts,  as modern-slaves.  And other millions children are being deliberately starved to death as I am writing this. You and I knew  that this tragedy is no accident. This tragedy theater and plays have been directed by the Jewish controlled Cabal.  The  West led by the US is just their  tool.

The West as we have known and loved with Voltaire, Etienne de la Boetie,  J.P. Proudhon, Thomas Paine etc has been being destroyed rapidly by the Jews particularly since 1948 with the establishment of the terrorist Jewish state. The Jewish state was born by deceit and terror, from deceit and terror and for deceit and terror. That’s the facts. That’s why I deliberately choose using the word Jews, instead of evasive words Israel or Zionists. A spade is a spade, regardless of what color it is painted, where it is stored, and for what task it is used.

I know the Jews never let go off their Talmudic ambition. They just cannot abandon what that makes them “Jewish”. Without “being chosen”, without the “choseness”, the “Jews” will cease to exist. You don’t believe me? Feel free to ask  ex-Jews such as Gilad Atzmon,
Shlomo Sand,  Br Nathanael Kapner, Henry Herskovitz, You can read their books, essays, or listening to their interviews.. Or you can read the Talmud yourself. “Jewishness”  is a state of a very sick mind. As a matter of fact, any self-aggrandizement group of grandios-ness such as Vietnameseness, Chineseness, Americaness, Australianess, Russianess  etc is just a sickness! (This yours truly was guilty of charge. Been there done that. folks!)

Having said that, does not mean I would blame everything on the “Jews.” With or without the “Jews” there are bad people around and among us. Stalin, Ho chi Minh, Mao Tse Dong, Polpot, Ngo Dinh Diem, Pak Chun Hye, Sadam Husein, all modern presidents, prime ministers etc… are not “Jews”. But they did share the “Jewishness” with the “Jews”.  That is the illusion of being self-grandiose with omnipotent chosenness. The “jewishness” that made them believe they have the right and power to decide other people fates, decide what is good and what is bad for humanity!  That enables them to commit murder in large scale, even genocide in cold blood without ever remorse. With such “noble end” the Jews are “self-justified” in using  whatever “mean” they choose. So are their supporters!

Bad people? We cannot get rid of “bad people”, and we should not! They are part of humanity like all of us.  I don’t mind and don’t care how many and how bad they are as long as there is no State, no Authority.  Why? Their badness only becomes dangerously destructive to humanity, to us or to me,  only  when there are “laws”and “authority”  to protect them. Or in other words, those bad people only become dangerously destructive when there is a commonly accepted power system that can be manipulated and used to legitimize their badness,    while, in the mean time restrict and take away  the self-defense, self determination capabilities and rights of other people!

Did  Emperors, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Chairmens, Generals, Taicoons actually commit atrocities and crimes with their own hands literally? Or all those atrocities and crimes actually are committed  directly  by all of us with our own hands  as soldiers, polices, agents etc? These bad people have no actual power over us. We give them the power to rule over us because we blindly  believe the system without question. How many of us have seriously questioned the system we are living in?

My point is that in believing in the vertical authority  system, ‘We, the people” have allowed them with our “consent” to mess up our lives and our liberty. “We  the people” have allowed THEM to use our precious lives like objects, as their own assets for their own purposes and interests!  Because we, just like them, do believe that the “Jewishness does exists”, that there exists some individuals, some Johns, some Catherine, some Benjamin, some Jacobs – who are so benevolent, so exceptional , and omnipotent that have rights and power to control and decide the fate of other billions people! (I don’t know if people ever ask themselves about the system they believe in that lets an idiot and then a clown holding and playing millions lives, their lives, in his hands with drugs, chemical, and nuclear weapons right now! Millions after millions went to wars to kill and get killed because of this belief! Billions people still keep doing it with that belief right now! It’s amazing in a way, but  it’s truly distressing and horrifying)

Any way, Though it is December, still a little bit earlier to say some best wish for this greeting and celebrating season. However, I need to take some weeks off the screen to travel around to see people, to read some books properly, and I also need some time for some self-reflection.

nkptcI don’t like using label on people or on myself. It’s shallow and inaccurate. But sometimes it does help to highlight certain point especially when repeating words and ideas need to be saved for expediency. I am an anarchist, an atheist. I respect whatever you choose to believe and worship or not to as long as there is no coercion . Therefore I wish all of you the best in whatever way you wish and choose for your life. See you all in 2018.