PQC: As I have discussed several times that when it comes to stupidity, there is no border!  Bitcoin is designed for freedom loving people to get rid of parasitic Govt and Banksters off their backs. But many greedy dumshits just join in purely for quick bucks without understanding the fundamental value of Bitcoin. Coinbase is a scam, possibly orchestrated by governments and banskster to undermine the cryptocurrency with all sort of “scandals” so that they will legitimately reign in later with law and regulations to “protect” the people.!  That’s what I suspect. Mt GOX is a perfect case of how stupid these “coiners” were.

Bitcoin gives people the new business world and a true free market to interact with one another without governments and banksters’ interference. What on earth do these people think they are doing? How can they be so ignorant and so dumb? If this story is true then they deserve all of it.  Don’t ever open their mouths to blame Bitcoin.


Traders at top bitcoin exchange claim they have no access to their money

Traders at top bitcoin exchange claim they have no access to their money
Another question about the safety of cryptocurrency transactions was raised this Wednesday. Clients of a major Las Vegas bitcoin exchange Bittrex say they can’t withdraw their money and the company doesn’t explain why.

The clients of Bittrex, which processes about $1 billion of cryptocurrency payments per day, are angry about the delays, Business Insider reports.

They claim to have verification problems but get close to no feedback from Bittrex about the situation.

The company admitted to “significant delays” in handling the issues, but said they affected only “a small percentage of our overall user base.”

New identification procedures are being implemented to comply with the US anti-fraud banking regulations.

One of Bittrex users, who asked the media to call him only by his middle name, commented on the problem.

“Bittrex has two levels of verification. Basic Verification, which I completed, but it said it could not find any public record to match what I entered. Then [it] gives you the option to submit what they call Enhanced Verification where you have to submit Gov ID, Passport, Selfie, etc. I, in turn, did this, but that one also failed, saying ‘Name Mismatch Error.’ To top it off, they do not provide any settings page to correctly make the name change if [there] truly is a name mismatch,” he said.

“The next step is for you to submit a support ticket, which I then completed. My support ticket was opened on November 6 with not a single response from anyone at Bitrrex. This is going on for almost 30 days now. I updated the ticket many times to no avail,” he added.

Another user complained that when he made the deposit, no verification was required.

“Support doesn’t work at all, I don’t sleep at night because of that, when I put money there nobody asked about verification! And now my money is blocked,” he said.