As of today 6-Dec-2017 at 23pm, Bitcoin in terms of US Fiat paper is more than 14400USD. Many “experts” jumped in and made quite a few wild guessing.

bitcoinworldIf one truly understands crypto currency, especially Bitcoin and block-chain, one would have no surprise. Bitcoin is finite money with fixed and known supply, which is based or created and operated by mathematical algorithm. That means we all have already known the time and the total number of Bitcoin available with absolute certainty. There is no speculation, except from those who know next to nothing, but pretend to be “experts”!

What do you expect in a situation where there are more than 7 billions and counting of people share a fixed  21millions or less of Bitcoin with limitless of fiat money being “printed” out every “chaotic” day? Only silly people and government scoundrels would measure the value of Bitcoin in term of the inflationary fiats! A well informed person will not drop his/her jaw when 1 USD reaches down to 1 Satoshi.

The deflationary nature of Crypto-Bitcoin is just one of its bests. The decentralization nature of its public block-chain that Satoshi Nakamoto gifted to humanity is the best of all the bests. It gives humanity a chance to get rid of the parasitic fraudulent statist system  and that of criminal banksters. Bitcoin and its counterparts  have been taking away their destructive power that has enslaved humanity ever since the State and Bankster existed.

Bitcoin is a true quiet, bloodless revolution. A revolution that not only free humanity from fiat papers, but above all free humanity from the deadly belief in statist system, in which government and its authority are indispensable in every aspect of human life. Bitcoin has proved this statist belief not only silly, wrong but destructive to humanity. This belief has divided humanity. Its Fiat money, in whatever from, has caused chaos, crises, and wars. whereas Bitcoin has united humanity without coercion and deceit. Bitcoin gives people a total free world to interact, communicate, do business directly instantly without the constrains of time and space. Bitcoin has been quietly established friendship and peace among people on Earth. Bitcoin quietly without noisy and costly conferences has been doing the absolute globalization.

Therefore Bitcoin and other true crypto-currencies quietly but directly threaten the very existence of Government and banksters. Thus, naturally Bitcoin is the enemy of the State. Don’t ever expect otherwise.

So, what will the State and banksters do about this? We have seen they have been trying every single trick to undermine the Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies .

Technically they just cannot “regulate” a decentralized public network. Criminalize the Bitcoin? How? Have they learned anything from banning physical and tangible things such as guns, alcohol, drugs, prostitution etc? Law with  prisons and death penalty simply do not work. Only stupidity cam tell them that they can regulate or ban crypto-currencies.

But they can fool stupid people, who have been brainwashed with destructive “statist values”. These kind of “law abiding citizens” who both love the supreme-conveniences of Crypto-currencies and want their beloved Govts riding on their backs to “protect” them… from themselves!

No power can defeat Bitcoin, except its “stupid” users. When enough stupid users “voluntarily” surrender their total control  and full responsibility of their own Bitcoin, as they have surrendered their own lives,  to Govts and banksters (and coinbase exchange sites), they have made Bitcoin defeat its own fundamental purpose: government free and bank free medium of exchange.

Ask yourselves: since its birth to this date, does the Bitcoin need any support and recognition from the State, government system and Banking system  to be in such successful position today?

Bitcoin has been the most successful crypto-coin because  it offers all the conveniences, privacy, and above all the freedoms that people are seeking.

Bitcoin has lived and thrived strongly  because of its wide acceptability from the people, its free users. Bitcoin will die only when people reject it. That is exactly what the State and Banksters have been trying to scare people into the “rejection” of Bitcoin. So far they have failed .

Whatever you do, don’t be such idiot that makes Bitcoin defeat its own fundamental purpose: getting rid  of parasitic governments and banksters off people backs!

We are all citizens of this planet, we are one race of one origin. We are our own masters. Let’s be free people!