killbitcoinHave you heard enough of anti-bitcoin laws being passed? Have you heard enough banksters one after another “issuing warning” to users and investors about the danger of Bitcoin?


Fortunately, the rest are true Bitcoiners, I mean those who use Bitcoin , above all other reasons, because they love freedoms, liberty. These people don’t give a shit about governments and banksters, who  are the last things that free people want to hear much less listen to.

Ok, I won’t rant anymore. However, might I ending this IMHO by reminding my readers something I said before.

1- Bitcoin is finite.  21 millions and no more…However in reality there will be less than 21 millions. Why? Because some dumbshits just lost their passwords. Some dumbshits just  kept their wallets in PC with  “Microsoft Windows” (How many time have you had to have your PC wiped out and reinstalled).  Some dumbshits don’t even know how to make a backup of their wallets- and you know what often happens to cellphones these days. And Bitcoin, unlike fiat papers, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, no replacement ! That’s why there will not be 21 millions, but less than 21 millions, absolutely!

Imagine more than 7 billions sellers and buyers exchange their goods and services, which will often be increasing  over time, with  a fixed quantity of less than 21 millions Bitcoins or less than (21millions x 100millions Satoshi). Don’t forget that thousands other crypto-currencies will be there to ease the increasing market demand as well.

2- A Bitcoin has one hundred millions Satoshis. Just like one dollar has one hundred cents.  Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

3- Bitcoin is finite, that is it is deflationary money by design. This means Bitcoin’s purchasing power will increase all the time all the way over time. The quantity of goods and services are up and down but the quantity of Bitcoin as medium of exchange stays the same (or less). Whereas fiat papers are printed out infinitely  both  physically and electronically. Fiat papper is  inflationary by nature. Therefore, technically and logically,  if one has to make a conversion between Bitcoin and Fiat paper, then one day 1 Satoshi will have the purchasing power equal to 1 USD and more. Or to state in more precise way that 1 unit of any strong fiat paper will loose its purchasing power overtime to 1 Satoshi.

Ok, just to make a jaw drops for “fun”.  That also means 1 Bitcoin will be equal to  one hundred millions Dollars, Euro, Pounds or whatever at your choosing. They will be all worthless anyway. And by that time the Satoshi will have become the unit of account, not Bitcoin BTC !

This is a question of WHEN, not IF!