attackbitcoinBitcoin (Crypto-currency) is designed to counter the statist and bankster controlling power. Bitcoin is a purest money among pure money. It is better than gold. Its pureness has put itself in the cross hair not since its birth, but since it shows its own strength  so prominent in the free market. Bitcoin has been under intensifying attack from all sides. Bitcoin has been attacked by  the State, banksters, financial institutions, and even by stupid people  who know next to nothing other than their “our gov” comfort zone. Since Bitcoin passed the 10000USD landmark, the assault with all fake news and fear mongering of governments- all kind threats  have flooded the mainstream media. But Bitcoin is rising and rising!

However, what makes Bitcoin an enemy of the State is  not just being a money, Bitcoin is designed to be free and  deflationary currency. That means Bitcoin not only will never loose its purchasing power as a medium of exchange but also  gives its users the bankster control free and government control free modus operandi.

This bank free and government free is the most important, the most valuable feature of Bitcoin (and other true blockchain-crypto-currency). This feature is designed to and is  taking away government and bankster controlling power. This feature makes Bitcoin an enemy of the State and statists, but so loved to those who really understand and cherish Liberty. Liberty is self-responsibility!

As I have written before in the wake of..Mt. Gox scandal that the blame is on the Bitcoin users who are stupid enough in surrendering their “private keys” to a “cryyo-bank”.

When it comes to stupidity the statists, the trust government people have no limit at all.

How many people have used the word passwords  as their passwords?

How many people let  browsers memorize and automatically insert the password for them so that they wont have to type at all?

How many people put a house key under the doormat or flower spot?

How many people believe the banks will take care of their money and make it grows despite otherwise?

How many people believe government, police, legal system care for and protect them despite otherwise?

And when bad things happen, they blame everything but themselves!

Bitcoin is designed for them, the people,  the users, to get rid of all of government and bankster chain  (applications, registering, licensing, permission, fees, tax etc)  all together, to gain back freedoms. But many of them wish and demand Bitcoin to be “legalized” by governments and to be “institutionalized”  by the banks!!!  What wrong with these people brains? They want Bitcoin defeats it own purpose!

If Bitcoin loose it freedom and be “legalized”, “institutionalized”,  It will die. That’s why I have said in previous article “They are threatening to “legalize” Bitcoin”!

  • Why would I use Bitcoin if it is constrained and controlled like a fiat money? You and I have been forced to use fiat papers by laws!

–  I love and use Bitcoin because I don’t  need  to  apply, register, ask permission and  show my ID card, my email  or whatsoever. I love and use Bitcoin because no government, no bank, no institution of any kind  interferes or dictates the way I use my own money. I love and use Bitcoin because it allows me to interact (giving, buying, selling, receiving, sending)  with and to  people around the world at my own choice, my own time, my own location, my freewill without asking and waiting permission from anyone. I love and use Bitcoin for it gives me the total control and full responsibility of my money. If I loose it in anyway, it’s totally my false, my error, my carelessness, my ignorance, my stupidity. No one else’ s.

The problem is that many people they have come to Bitcoin for many reasons (greed, peer group, fashionably etc) other than understanding the liberty, the true most important thing that Bitcoin offers.

I am among those earlier liberty-loving-Bitcoin users. I have met quite a bunch of new crypto-currency users  who have no clue why the Bitcoin was born at all! They cannot even fathom the fact that it’s a matter of time Bitcoin (as other true crypto-currency) , as deflationary currency, will bury fiat papers and make governments and banks obsolete.  It is not a question of IF but WHEN. That’s why they have been all in concert attacking Bitcoin right now and it intensifying rapidly especially  since Bitcoin passed  10K milestone.

As I wrote some time ago that there will come a time when 1 Satoshi equal 1USD. It’s not only just a way of saying but technical fact. However I suspect that time will not come for the fiat papers perhaps will have been buried before it “reaches down”  such level.

Therefore, true liberty loving -bitcoiners  need to find more ways to educate the public about true value of Bitcoin and that of crypto currency as a whole in order to win this battle against the banks and the State’s assault. Remember that naturally people were not born stupid, they become ignorant by design in the statist system, which has chained them tightly  and brainwashed from birth.What would you expect from a  people who  have been bombarded to worship the State with rubbish from childcare, kindergarten, primary school , high school, universities to workplaces and constant fake info from mainstream media?

However, once they, the people,  understand all the conveniences, their total  ownership of their money,  and the  most valuable feature of Bitcoin is freedom,  no government fear mongering propaganda can sway them otherwise. The more people join in and use Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies)  as medium of exchange, the faster the peaceful revolution against the State control  will be completed  and true full  democracy will be achieved.

Therefore, don’t expect the governments, banksters, and the statists stand still.  Don’t be surprised , don’t be afraid, just go with Bitcoin the way it is, the way it is supposed to be. Otherwise you will loose and you, and not the State or the Banks,  will kill Bitcoin yourselves. No one has the power to kill Bitcoin, but you, the people, the users for whom and for whose liberty the Bitcoin was created.