PQC: Oh my! When it comes to Government propaganda and trick, it has no limit. The point is no matter how absurd it is, there still are some “good-citizens” with beyond-stupidity and retardation who in a matter-of-fact way join in.

I used to think that a large chunk of Europeans was smart with high spirit of freedom…

Anyway, it’s their lives. Their business.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Norway’s ‘Voluntary’ Tax Plan Brings In Just $1,325

Oh yeah, people really want to pay more in taxes.

This is what real freedom looks like.

Norway’s center-right government launched a voluntary tax contribution program for those who want to pay more in taxes.

Bloomberg reports on the results:

Launched in June, the initiative has received a lukewarm reception, with the equivalent of just $1,325 in extra revenue being collected so far, according to the Finance Ministry. That’s not much for a country of 5.3 million people, many of whom are already accustomed to paying some of the highest taxes in the world (the top rate of income tax is 46.7 percent).

“The tax scheme was set up to allow those who want to pay more taxes to do so in a simple and straightforward way,” Finance Minister Siv Jensen said in an emailed comment. “If anyone thinks the tax level is too low, they now have the chance to pay more.”