PQC: It’s not only the USA but the whole statist system in Western world is unraveling . It has become a true mix of freak- show and clown-show. Every of the so-called “western values” i.e free speech, human-rights, accountability, compassion for the weaks, the unfortunates.. etc  all  have been thrown under the bus. Those freaks and clowns are not only politicians, but the so-called journalists and experts, all of who have been singing brazenly and dancing shamelessly for those who pay them.

Even the “people” themselves have turned into freaks and clowns. They constantly claim that they are Christians and their country is Christian nation. Yet there are laws forbidding and punishing those who help the poor, the homeless. Those who claim to be Buddhists turn their backs and  blind eyes to the suffering of the refugees and their children. Please don’t remind me about the Jews’ and their Talmud!

Everything is OK in the west now. Torturing is both legalized and accepted by the public. Violation of privacy is legalized and becomes desirable by the public. Censorship is OK! Police brutality? That’s OK too!

Yet “our liberal values”, “our democracy” are still  the best! Let’s jam these “values” to others’ throats. If they don’t swallow them, bomb their wedding parties, drone their sleeping children, then grab  their land and natural resources. For fuck sake,  as the Jews would say it’s better to be owned by “us” for “we” know how to use them better then “they” do!

The West is being destroyed,  not by the Muslims, not by the Communists, not by rge Yellow perils,  but by themselves. They are destroying their own humanity inside themselves.