I don’t know if you like Bill Maher and his show or not, but for me, I despise the guy for his being a statist zionist gatekeeper (I from time to time watch his show in order to have more information in trying to predict  THEIR next moves)  but respect him for his exercising of his right to freespeech (whatever his agendas maybe, is irrelevant)  in many aspects that very few dare to express.

Laughing or disgusting are irrelevant here. The point is I know for a fact that If this act of joking is performed in many other countries in respect to their  “leaders”, it will not only send him to face a firing squad or at least being thrown into a dungeon without the key, but his family, friends etc also will never live a day in peace again for the rest of their lives.  My former shithole Vietnam is a case in point!

Freedom of speech!  Yeah, I know one may say this is the old “cliche.” You are tired with this! Right? Unfortunately or fortunately  everyone not only invoke this “cliche”  as sword and shield when needed, but right now literally fight each other about this!

To me, Freedom of speech is not only the right to speak out  one’s mind about everything one feels needing to speak, but also the duty, an obligation to speak about what others do not want to hear, to speak out what the Power want to hide and suppress.

In this 21C,   with the existence of internet, which is a virtual venue for everyone to express, to discuss, to converse  his/her own view about everything. Unlike the physical venue, be it a corner of a street or a public hall, those who do not want to attend, or to hear still some how be annoyed  by the echo or some “noise” of the unwelcome speech. With internet, one has the right and the power to click or not to click the unwelcome blogs, unwelcome clips, or whatever one does not like at all.

Sensitivity?  Free speech is not the beauty contest, or commercial advertising,  which is there to please the audience to be a “winner”, a successful one.

We, our human societies,  have progressed,  transformed in many stages to get to this current stage, not because of the harmonious, conformed, obedient, uniformed   majority, but thanks to a very minority of people who dared to think and act  differently, dared to challenge the taboos of their time, to upset the majority and  brought all the taboos out in daylight and normalize them. and ultimately dared to break the laws of the day to bring about changes that most of us cherish and are enjoying today.

What would the world have been today  had all the people of all time always respected,  conformed with all the “values” “traditions” and “laws” and others “sensitive feelings”?