My Whining about this world

First, please enjoy some musics

Beautiful French!

Oh! Shit!!! They are not French, they are Russians!!!



What a fucking world we live in! Do you know why? Because it is now going not in the way it supposed to be as our fucking almighty god intended .

In the perfect world, people of races would know their places. This world should have been run by the chosen ones as our fucking God planned. All superior qualities should only bestow to the chosen race by our fucking All mighty Creator. While are these Goyim allowed to possess such godly gifts”?

But you know, Satan must have fucked up the original plan of our fucking Yahweh!

OK, OK, OK … Forget about the past- the so-called “history” where or when, we have been told, all the “numbers”,  algebra.  we are using today were invented by the Arabs! The “zero” by  a fucking silly Indians! For fuck sake, if only this “history” is true! Don’t even dare to tell me it’s true that the fucking barbaric Muslims invented and discovered a bunch of medicinal and medical “things!” These his- stories  must have been all made up, these are “conspiracies”, you know! Don’t believe me? Ask the Jews! (I just wonder why the ISIS has been destroying as many  historic relics in the cradle of human civilization as possible)

Consider these abnormalities:

In the land of God Blessing, how could the whites allow these Untermensch have such knowledge of our “Lord”? The “so-called”  black scientists! How can “blacks” be “scientists”? Impossible!  Famous black scientists-  This honor place must be preserved for those one of “ours”, like Albert Einstein, you know!

It did not stop there!

peleHow can a fucking poor black such Pelé have such talent that even those of our chosen ones don’t fucking have? Don’t even mention the fucking full of attitude Mohamed Ali? Anyway, it’s just sport! These unimportant “gifts”. Let’s them have them. Forget it!

Ok, how about Louis Armstrong? Look at his face! Did he look like human, I mean “image of God”  to you? Our God is white and He must look exactly like a Jew, right? And the “queer” Michael Jackson! He looked uglyloisarmstrong! How could our men in Hollywood allow this to happen?

OK, it’s just “arts” and “entertainment,” you know, these are  not very important “things”! Let’s them have some!

What about the dickhead Neil deGrasse? How can a fucking black be so funny, charming and intelligent like that? deCrasse!? He should not serveimagebe allowed to have this name at the first place! Does he look so faked? Imposter, I believe! It can’t be true! There must be some conspiracy here! Just like the way they put a black “son of whore” to rule “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” for eight years!

Cynthia McKinneyWhat about this “bitch” Cynthia McKinney? How can a black woman look so charming and so intelligent, and so righteous…and so courageous- This “bitch” dares to defy against our fucking God chosen people? The Satan’s make-up technique must be so completed in the “Wood of God”! I can guarantee you that!

Blacks and Muslims are every where! in sports, arts, entertainment, in “our” science, even in “our” supposed exclusive territories-  finance (Black billionaires – 10 Richest Muslim Businessmen) and politics! And they are coming in trove as migrants, refugees! Holly shit!

For fuck sake, the world is upside-down! The sky is falling, and our dear fucking Yahweh seems just cannot move his fucking lazy ass to do something about this!

Oh shit! Something must have been fucked-up with me too! A former Asian,  to be a little bit more precise, a fucking Vietnamese , like me, should have known my place. I really don’t know what happened to me! Instead of keeping my head down patiently collecting some money and live quietly “happily ever after” among Jews and whites as many other “compatriots” have been doing , I just cannot keep my mouth shut! Poor me!

What a fucked-up world we are living in!