I “have been a Muslim” in this blog of mine for quite a long time. Today I am a Russian agent. I am introducing to you a tiny piece of Russian “culture.” (Oh I hate this word. I will talk about “culture” sometime in future). Please forget Leo Tolstoy,  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky or whoever belongs to old Russians. This is 21C, OK! It’s funny there are many dickheads in the West still not only confuse Australia and Austria but deliberately mix up Russia and the Soviet Union, which no longer exits!

Anyway, You may like or disklike this Russian song for whatever reason. I don’t want to know! I don’t care. I just want to do something and be someone that “the -Yanks” and “the-Jews” hate. That’s my pleasure.

You see, “hate” and “love” have such a strange and powerful force, which often defies logic, or some may say “beyond reason”, especially when “love” and “hate” are politicized, sanctioned, and blessed  by the State. You’ve probably known by now that the so-called State is just a euphemism for a bunch of psychopaths. I love to do and to be what the State hates!

Talk about “strange, powerful love and hate”. Anyone remember Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong? Oh my my! At the high of racism against black people, now called African Americans, these wonderful persons were loved for their talents, and hated because of their skin color. They were famous/infamous not just in “Jamerica” but internationally, the whole “white western world” I must say!  (who would hate “What a Wonderful World“?) And then came Mohamed Ali, who brought storm into the fire of civil rights and anti-war movement. Yet, again he was loved for his talent and hated because of his black skin… uhm… especially his attitude! “I’m young, I’m handsome, I’m fast, I’m pretty, I am the greatest“…and they all loved to hate it! Even no challenge was ever put out to these statements. It’s amazing!  Imagine a young high-school Vietnamese staring  at “Le Plus Grand” , “The Greatest” cover photos in foreign magazines on a Saigon street!

But for me later I “love” Sister Souljah the most in this respect, perhaps more than I “love” Rosa Park. Reason? I don’t know! No reason. As the French would say “sans raison et sans loi”. You can see her at Donahue show if you have not known this amazing then “young” women.

Thus,  in the midst of this current  “state of the art” Russian bashing atmosphere,  the best thing to do is always “loving some thing Russian”  and show it all to the whole “western world,” which including not only whites, but yellows, browns, blacks, reds, pinks… or whatever color you can spot!!!

Gardemariny,_vpered!Have you seen the movie Гардемарины, вперёд! (Midshipmen, forward!)? There is a love song in this movie, and it is beautiful.

I love this Russian song in this adaptation of Notre Dames de Paris -Victor Hugo

Enjoy the songs. Find the movie if you  had enough of Hollywood” and want to explore beyond your known zone.