PQC: Democracy is just Kakistocracy! People choose shit to eat- shit to drink- GMO. They choose shit to rule them. And they are happy! Don’t you see? Ohh shhhhit! Please, Don’t say the J word. It’s just Israelis and Mossad..and billionaire Jews. For fuck sake!  It’s the Jews, who are principle criminals in all this shit!

..because it’s all smoke and mirrors from the beginning. Because what we’ve got in the world is not really a political system what we’ve got in the world compass in all governments in all countries is a criminal class that’s running the world. People call it an  oligarchy -I call it a it’s a Kakistocracy.  This is a word that was taken out of the dictionary about a hundred years ago. It’s a real word – defined as governance by the worst elements of society who governed exclusively and their own interest into the permanent detriment of all other classes. That’s what we got. This word comes from the Baltic cutka cutca shit – “Kakistocracy” ruled by the shit people. That’s what we’ve got folks” Max Igan