About  The Style

Recently, my old friend  from far away, who had known me personally before 1975 emailed me to “complain” that I changed lately in the way I write especially with strong and coarse languages being racist, anti-semi. Of course we all change. Nothing stays the same. The whole universe is impermanent!

First my English is rusty. I have not used French  since I left my former homeland and did not often use English since I left Australian University some twenty years ago, especially for writing. Since then I dedicated my time to write in Vietnamese with the aim of helping my former little tribal people to understand more about world issues, especially about the true face of their Yankee super Idols. Except for short period between 2005-2006 by the encouragement from an old friend, Mr Robert Klassen, also as my editor, I wrote for Lewrockwell.com. Until recently, the world has changed in a very drastic way with a huge wave of false flags around the world,  even in this arse end of the world,  in which evidently “the Jews” are the principle culprits. Unfortunately very few writers have courage to name the monster in the room. I decided to come back writing in English to share my view with everyone.

About The Jews

I also decided to change my style- no more academic, no more balance,  for I have learnt a great deal from Philip Giraldi, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who have been very academic and balanced in discussion world issues involving the Israel (euphemism for Jews). What happened to them? Norman Finkelstein – Gilad Atzmon, what has happened to them? There is no difference, no matter how one chooses to speak out, as long as “the Jews” are mentioned, one faces the same consequences.

The word “Jews” is very confusing by design. It combines the false definition of “race” and false definition of a religion. It is more than a private club. It is a social-political party in which there are not only rules and punishments but an ultimate goal for controlling power. One can join in and enjoy the privileges, one also can be a whistleblower and get out!

You have heard and read volume about “the Americans assaulted on the Vietnamese”, “the Vietnamese committed a terrible genocide against the Chams”, “the Russians have interfered with the American election” “the Muslims murdered the Christians”, “the Christians destroyed the Muslims” the Buddhists in Myanmar attacked the Muslims in   etc.. and not even a breeze comes up to correct this kind of  “generalization”.

However when it comes to the “Jews”, the storm comes immediately. “Not every Jews did that, do this”. “There are many good Jews” etc.. Of course it’s true.  And the same is true for every “people” mentioned above . Then why correction and explanation are only offered to “the Jews”?

Jew is not a race, even if “race” really existed!

Why the term racist and anti-semi is used whereas  Semite including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, and many of the peoples of Ethiopia?

germanjewsOne cannot be converted from one “race” to another by will. The whole Kingdom of Khazaria, (652-1016) converted to “Jews”. Even Hitler mistook this distinctive “Jewish race” Werner Goldberg for his  own imagined “Aryan Race”. How can the racial identity of a person be determined by the mother’s religious belief alone although “the Jews” are very much patriarchal?  Are you confused enough? You must be! It is designed to confuse people.

That’s exactly why I deliberately use the words “the Jews” to refer to those who fraudulently use this “race” for evil purposes. And I will not stop until it becomes “normalized”.


I offer no hyperlink so that you readers have a chance to do your own research. Just google it!