PQC: As always, please watch, listen, do your own further research and decide for yourself. For me, through years of my own research, I now have no doubt that the Jewish controlled Cabal truly wants to devour Russia, the biggest hurdle if not the last, in its way to NWO. Russia is the only one left standing that has full capacity and capability not only to challenge the West as a whole, the USA as the Cabal’s HQ  in EVERY ASPECT but also “wipe them out” if Russia is attacked.

I said this, and I say it again that Russia must prepare itself to fight this battle alone. Russia should not and must not trust any Asian at all, be it Vietnam, China, India. japan, Korea, Malaysia etc. In the Muslim world, it’s easier to know who are friends and who are foes after all those years. The best allies Russia can have and trust are some of its  Muslim neighbors left after the expansion of the Yanks and the Jews, If Russia truly  knows how to keep them. Behaving like a big white Christian Boss like the Yanks won’t help Russia.

Having said that, of course I did not means Russia should isolated itself. It’s impossible and stupid. Quite the contrary, Russian must extent its influence and trade to every one, not only in technology, science, economic, but most importantly in arts and culture. Look at what and how  Hollywood  has contributed in the making and  polishing of the image of the Yanks and the Jews. Russia has every thing to offer the world in this aspect.

However, when it comes to grand vital project with existential implications such as BRICS, or monetary- financial co-operation. especially military co-operation, Russia must do it with caution, don’t trust them. THEY WILL STAB RUSSIA in the back,  even in the front when the ‘order” comes from their true master.

I don’t know why they, the ordinary people, would hate Russia in such a childish and  impulsive way. Cold War propaganda perhaps? I was in the South during the Vietnam War.. We were all  taught to hate the Chinese, the Russians and love the Yanks, the Jews –  even the recent former -colonial master: The French! The opposite was true in the North! Nationalism, politics are indeed amazing in their absurdity and illogic

(Oh my,  on top of the local USAID funded and guided propaganda machine’s “Literature” there was a flood of translated books from authors such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Leon Uris, Pearl S. Buck, Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu, Arthur Koestler. etc  and a wide range collection of book about “the creation of Israel” especially on the “legendary” heroic  Six-Day War- I swallowed them all! Even back then I did not love the Yanks, adored the Jews, or hated the Chinese, the Russians in the way most people around me did. I hated war and despised authority  and submissiveness.

I do know though authority and power hate those who can stand by themselves in their way!

Please find time to watch these videos, and decide for yourselves.