PQC: Questioning and never stop questioning. Please be skeptical and even necessarily paranoid, you will never be paranoid enough given the nature of power and that of the State and its Government, its false flag history.  Especially  with all the things we all have been suffered since 911 by “national security interests”. Remember To preserve and expand  their power over us,  THEY will stop at nothing!

How To Interpret The News

By Biblicism Institute

“Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know.” 1 Corinthians 8:2

Whether you choose to believe it or not, those who propagate the news either have their own agenda or are controlled or wagged by powerful knaves with agendas. That’s why we have a systematic approach to the news – or rather to yellow journalism – we want to share with you.

Question everything.

Don’t believe anything you hear unless you personally research and analyze it, then figure out which way is up.

1. Mass Murders, Murders And Accidents

a. Mass Murders. When lone criminals commit their supposed massacres, keep in mind that unless it’s a Hollywood movie, almost no one kills another being for pleasure, let alone exterminating tens or hundreds of total strangers.

For example, no driver will voluntarily ram into tens of pedestrians – like the fake “terror” attack that occurred in Nice, France on July 15th, 2016 – unless his vehicle, in a real-life scenario, not fake, is either taken over remotely by the ones perpetrating the deed or experiencing a mechanical or electronic malfunction; and no one gunman can actually kill dozens of people unless he’s Rambo.

Cops involved in a shooting have a hit ratio of roughly 30%, sometimes even less, way less – even less than 2%. So how come crazy or fanatical gunmen are better shooters than professional cops?

Any law enforcement officer will corroborate that 96% of all murders are committed by people who knew their victims, and that before the suspects are arrested, the police has to provide not only proof – which takes a long time to gather unlike the 10 o’clock news which immediately hand you suspects with their detailed history already and miraculously researched (Mmmm!) – but a motive as well, which itself is “how the suspects benefit from the alleged crimes.” So the first question to ask in these mass murder circumstances is Who benefits?

The patsies or alleged assassins/criminals/terrorists do not benefit in any way. They usually, somehow, some way end up dead. Their families don’t benefit either because they are harassed to no end.

Further, no one, absolutely no one kills for ideological reasons in these circumstances. That hot pile of propaganda manure is to sell whatever agenda is being implemented. The main agendas are usually pro-Empire, anti-gun, and anti-Islam with the peripheral agendas being pro-war, pro-Israel, pro-security apparatus, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-fed, anti-Christianity, etc.

More often than not, the government is the one behind these crimes – actual (Government Black Ops) or fake (scripted, acted, and prerecorded “events”) – since it uses them to pass laws that will either benefit itself (i.e., benefit the highfalutin politicians and their lavish lifestyle) or favor those who bribe State Officials to execute those hidden agendas.

And the best way for the government to get those agendas rolling is through these “events” which generate fear, followed by Nazi-like intimidation and control. Subsequently, a police state is erected to protect the politicians and the agenda manipulators from the ire of the people.

b. Murders And Accidents. When someone in government or media or politics suddenly dies, there’s a 95% chance of foul play – again, Who benefits?

Justice Antonin Scalia of the US Supreme Court was found dead in his room, a pillow over his head. But the cause of death was ruled a heart attack. Seriously? Was a message being sent to the other Justices to keep certain agendas on track? Or did the elite want to replace Scalia with someone more to their liking?

And what about Princess Diana? Does anyone actually think that the Crown would have let the mother of the future King of England marry a Muslim, especially since she was pregnant? No way would they have allowed the future King to have a brother or sister who’s Muslim, not then not ever.

Car accidents – such as the one that killed Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings who was working on a story involving CIA Director John Brennan – and “accidental” killings – such as the ones that got rid of over 400 media professionals (seriously!) who were covering the US Army’s atrocities in Iraq, which claimed over 2 million Iraqi lives – can also be added to the list.

When an airplane crashes you can bet there’s also a 95% chance of foul play, because airplane travel is the safest mode of transportation in the world with an average rate of crashes of 2.1 per one million flights. Usually, the government is either after someone on board or is enforcing a certain agenda.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed, along with his wife and unborn child, when his plane crashed on July 1999. He made the mistake of openly talking about his wish to become President and bring to justice those who actually killed his father. So the powers that be, sensing that Jr. could very well achieve his goal, took care of him.

The last Supersonic Concorde that crashed is rumored to have been brought down by the CIA. Why? Well, Concorde was built by Aerospatiale in France and British Aircraft Corporation in England, both military aircraft and missile manufacturers.  Every one of their clients and potential clients was flown free on the Concorde in order to woe them away from American weapons manufacturers.

The Concorde was the piece de resistance of flight technology, something the Americans did not have. And just like the Russian Supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 was brought down at the 1973 Paris Air Show, the Concorde was also brought down in a fiery crash in July 2000 in Paris.

Subsequently, all Supersonic Concordes were grounded to prevent further mass murders. After all, the Americans don’t have Supersonic planes, why should other nations? It’s also interesting to note that every so often European Airbus planes, American Boeing’s competitor, seem to strangely fall out of the sky? That can’t be good for  business, right?

The same logic can also be used to explain the sabotage of the British Titanic and the German Hindenburg. Both passenger liners were decimated (respectively in 1912 and 1937) during their transatlantic voyages right before reaching their destinations in the US.

The Titanic was steam-powered, whereas the Hindenburg’s buoyancy was hydrogen-powered. Since the early 1900’s, only oil as an energy source was “allowed” to have a foothold in the mass transportation marketplace – it was true then, it is true now.

Oil was controlled at the time monopoly-style by the American John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Corporation and its sister companies. The destruction of these two mammoth liners sent an unequivocally loud message: use oil or else.

2. Israel And The M.E.N.A. Region

When it comes to so-called Islamic Terrorism and Wars in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region (i.e., the Arab world), or when terrorist acts are blamed on Radical Islam in the West, you can close your eyes and bet Israel is behind them, because only Israel benefits from these wars and terrorist acts – not Arabs, not Muslims, and not the West.

Israel, using AIPAC, wags the US which in turn wags all the other countries in the region along with all the terrorist groups (i.e., Israeli Mossad agents disguising themselves as “Arab Muslim Terrorists”), so that every event (read: war and terrorism) benefits Israel.

With every despicable act of false flag terror, Zionist Jews can go on stealing more Arab lands as well as deflecting the world’s attention from their war crimes in Gaza and their Apartheid regime, which in turn makes oppressing the Palestinians justifiable – especially as unrest is growing in the occupied territories.

It doesn’t hurt either that every so-called “Islamic Terrorist Act” causes the West to clam up about the comatose peace process that the Israelis refuse to see through.

See Israel is the Problem – How the Ashkenazi Jews conquered the WestThe US-Israeli RelationshipIsrael: the Scourge of Empires.

3. Scandals, Demonization, And The Media

Scandals and Demonization are used to destroy opponents, whether they be individuals, politicians, political parties, countries, religious groups, etc.

Remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

Well, Bill Clinton was trying to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace going, which the Jews did not want. So, the Zionists got their Jewish mole Monica Lewinsky – an intern at the White House – to sexually compromise Bill. She in turn spilled the beans 🙂 to her Jewish bosses, who then revealed it to their Jewish peon Matt Drudge (incidentally drudge means peon – you really can’t make this stuff up) of DrudgeReport.com, which subsequently “broke the news.”

Consequently, the peace process was dead and Bill Clinton disgraced. The Palestinian Peace Process was all but forgotten by all subsequent Presidents who learned not to mess with the Jews, thus leaving Israel alone to destroy the Middle East at its leisure. However, that scandal catapulted Matt Drudge in the blogosphere as the premier news site aggregator, where “headline news” are controlled and massaged to fit the agenda of Matt’s coreligionists.

The media are always complicit in these scenarios – especially when it comes to the Middle East, given that most of the mainstream media are controlled directly or indirectly by Jewish money.

Big chunks of the Alternative Media are also financed by Zionist neocons. It’s easy to spot them. They have one or more of the following characteristics:

– they never criticize Israel (on the contrary, they worship it as if Israel can do no wrong);

– they always demonize Arabs and Islam to comparatively place Israel in a favorable light;

– they are constant warmongers;

– and they are usually headed by loud-mouth type A personalities.

Some examples are Drudge Report, Infowars, Prison Planet, World Net Daily, Savage Nation (by Michael Savage/Weiner), Zero Hedge, etc. Once in a while they may say something lightly negative about Israel to throw you off, but don’t buy it. See The Demonization of Arabs and Muslims.

Case in point, Jewish Mark Abramoff of Macedoniaonline.eu has copied this our article, How to Interpret the News, changed its title to People’s Guide How to Interpret the News, removed everything that has to do with Jews and Israel, and posted it on his site.

No different than the way his coreligionists stole Palestine, changed its name to Israel, and forcibly removed the Palestinians from their homes. Our appeal for him to fix his replication has not been answered, not unlike the way Israelis refuse the call to make peace with their neighbors. Such blatant and satanic disregard for others seems to be systemic.

4. Money And The Economy

Induced Market fluctuations and the Federal Reserve’s shenanigans are driving our financial world to catastrophe. It’s all manipulated and controlled. See How the Ashkenazi Jews Conquered the WestThe Corrupt Federal Reserve is NOT FederalWhen Money is the Problem.

5. Religion And The Jewish-Dominated Media

Why have they turned the name of our Lord Jesus Christ into a curse word? How come only Jesus is always being insulted in the media, but not Buddha, Krishna, or any other contrived god? Why is it that we are always being presented with pedophile priests, but never with pedophile rabbis? Why aren’t we ever told about the Jews behind the campaign to remove Christ from Christmas and the public square? See The War on Christianity.

How come Christians are always portrayed in movies and TV shows as dumb, deranged, or off-kilter, while Jews are always cool, smart, and almost never the bad guys? And why are Muslims always sketched as suicidal terrorists, deranged fanatics, and subhuman weirdos, while Zionist Jews are never depicted as the land thieves they are, nor as the ones who actually started terrorism in the Middle East?

6. Wars And The Military Industrial & Financial Complex

Wars only benefit a segment of the elite, not the soldiers who die for nothing, not their families, and not the economy. See All Wars are Evil. PeriodWarmongering vs Economic ProgressWhen Money is the Problem.

7. Science And The Media

The media love to paint scientists, their unproven theories, and their “discoveries” in the best possible light, especially when it pertains to Big Pharma. A big chunk of their advertising revenue comes from these drug pushers who peddle their snake oils to an unwitting public that cannot see through the propaganda, nor comprehend the damaging side effects of these drugs. See Puzzled ScientistsX-Men and the Theory of EvolutionBeware of PharmacologyOf Healing And Miracles.

8. Read The Posts Below

Our Posts are designed to demonstrate how we question, filter, and analyze the news, thereby giving you a solid track of mindfulness to latch onto for all future news items. After all, there’s nothing new under the sun.

We started this section – to constantly and continuously analyze the news – with the hope of carrying it thus for a long time. Unfortunately, because of circumstances beyond our control, we won’t be able to do as purposed – though we may do write-ups on truly impactful events.

Still, it is better that you are equipped to sift through the garbage they call news in order to discover the truth for yourself, as opposed to us constantly spoon feeding it.

Happy Hunting!