I have long  unknowingly, unofficially joined  a kind of  new, unorganized, undeclared club of a new human species, namely self-hatred racist along side with people such as Gilad Atzmon (The Wandering Who?) Shlomo Sand (The Invention of the Jewish People,) William Blum (Some Thoughts on “Patriotism”) or the best unwilling, unjoined member of all, Jiddu Krishnamurti:


All because I (or perhaps rather all self-hatred racists) decided that some one has to stand up and say the ugly, inconvenient truth about ourselves, about  our delusion , and say it all and out loud. Not to demonize ourselves, but with the hope that this will wake us up to the reality and do something positive about this, and change it for the better.

The only difference here is I am talking  not just about my “former” Vietnamese, who are a mix of everything but still believe they belong to a unique heroic race, who are still dreaming of the glorious past of a female monster Au Co,  the mother of their special race- who gave birth to 100 eggs! Yes, not 100 babies but EGGS! But that is not the worst, these fucking idiots, “Vietnamese” still believe in their unique Vietnameseness that existed in their long deceased heroic kings and generals such Ly Cong Uan, Tran Hung Dao, Quang Trung,  who, for fuck sake, happened to be “Chinese descendants!”

I want to talk about Asian as a whole.

I decided to write this  small  “IMHO” of mine because in recent years quite a few true experts  have written a lot about the rise of China, just because the sheer size of its nominal GDP.  I just wonder whether these respected experts really don’t understand Asia or they just pretend for the sake of anti-Zion-American imperialism. A kind of wishful thinking.

I recall  in the last few years of the 20th century, while doing my research  there was a big hype about the so-called “Asia century”  which was epitomized  in the international  Conference on “Change Toward 21C and the future of Asia” sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shinbun held in Tokyo on May 1995.

At that time, after having finished reading these speeches by all the big shots of Asia, I could not help but felt disgusted by their horse-shits. All the Asian big shots came to “talk” in the language of crony neo-liberal-captitalism disguised as “Asian cultures”, cultures of submissiveness, corruptness, and authority-ass-kissing.

Anyone remember “The Japan That Can Say No,” by  Shintaro Ishihara 1989? and later “The Voice of Asia: Two Leaders Discuss the Coming Century 1996” by . Mahathir and the very Shintaro Ishihara?

What happened to Asia since then?  Right after that heroic Conference, there came ironically a big Asian economic, financial crisis in 1997! Since then Asia has still been struggled just to keep itself stable much less challenge anyone in any aspect.

Where is the Japan ascendancy now as promised and heralded? Korea’s?  Or rather you have found them in the list of the Yankees’ vassals?

And now China, thanks to a wave of economic out sourcing from the West, especially the USA, China has become a world factory literally. Yes, it’s true that this has helped China – Vietnam regime consolidate their  power with new class of millionaires and billionaires- Yet,  they still call China, Vietnam  COMMUNIST COUNTRIES. (for fuck sake, dictionary has to be re-written). It also helped millions Chinese out of poverty but also has pushed other millions deeper in desperate situation, losing their land and descending into slave laborers.

Asians, in general and as a whole,  in their society follow their leaders with almost absolute obedience not in love, admiration, but in fear while distrust, envy, being jealous and suspicious one another. Asian society is suffocated with all sort of restrain in activity and thought. People live with all pretentious behavior throughout their lives.  This explains their mouths are full of pride of their cultures while their feet walking fast to the West whenever opportunity arise …and often in trove! ( I was one of them)

Someone please tell me how such “wonderful harmonious” people will become true super power with the capacity to challenge the West?

I despise all political leaders. But Lee Kuan Yew for once said something true about China:

We must accept China will want to have an army, navy, air force equal to its status as an economic power. That is something unavoidable.. But I do not believe it can challenge the Americans in its technological capabilities for a very long time.” Lee Kuan Yew-17th International Conference on the Future of Asia in Tokyo

“I believe the Chinese leadership has learned that if you compete with America in armaments, you will lose. You will bankrupt yourself. So keep your head down, and smile for 40 or 50 years.”

“China will inevitably catch up to the US in absolute gross domestic product. But its creativity may never match America’s because its culture does not permit a free exchange and contest of ideas”.


This  is not only true to China, but virtually to Asia as a whole. Look at Japan, Korea, Singapore… everywhere in Asia!

Yet, he only talked about technological capabilities in an optimistic tone. He forgot or rather glossed over other more important characters of a super power, namely  its social values, the values that attract voluntary love from people. The values that  urge people around the world to walk fast into your society whenever they have opportunity.

Those Western experts who hyped and heralded the Asian ascendancy, the Asian era through the “rise” of Japan and Korea as either scare mongering or admiration, should go back to school before attempt to do the same with China.

Asians have to UNLEARN a whole lot of things to just better their own society before even think of challenging the West. By the way, the last but not  least “quality” of Asian I want to say is their racism. Asian racism is the mother of all racism, which is, I believe, derived from a truly mental illness of an inferior complex consciousness, for racism itself is the inferior complex consciousness, a nadir of ignorance and stupidity after all.

I will be truly happy for mankind as a whole when I see people around the world voluntarily walk fast into Asian society in trove to pursue freedom and happiness, or at least send their kids there to learn in Asian Universities and enjoy their lives as Asians now have been doing in regard of the West!

Until that day, Asia is just a shit hole full of slaves. Period!