PQC: What the fuck is wrong with these progressive people these days? Always try to be evasive. Never have enough gut to call a spade a spade!

For fuck sake, the titles must be correctly  “Russia Effectively Smashing US-Jewish Terrorists in Syria”. The US did not support the ISIS a.k.a Daesh terrorists.  THEY CREATED THE ISIS.  The ISIS is  the Yanks, The Brits, and The JEWS.

The US and the Jews are co-creators of ISIS with the full support of their vassals, namely the Brits, the Aussies, the EU. The ISIS ‘ top leaderships is CIA/MOSSAD. Those ISIS’ foot-soldiers and their families many of who are victims of the West and the Jews’ oppression and brutal unjust against them and their fellows Muslims around the world.  They have been  understandably so angry and so pissed off that acted in rush and so naive that  having been fallen into the hand of the CIA/MOSSAD imposters posing as Muslims’ leaders with Arabic names.

I am not a Muslim, not even an Arab, I am just an ex Vietnamese, but having seen the plight of the Arabs and the indescribable  suffering of the Palestinians by the Jews brutality I cannot help but angry  be so pissed off that I have had to vent my anger with strong language that I normally do not use in daily life.

I once wrote calmly in 2005 : Now I know it’s unjust to people in Middle East, and it’s stupid of me to ask only them to act calmly with cooperation. I know by my own experience that no one can think of peaceful solution while bombs are still dropping on their houses, a foreign army still smashing their doors, harassing their mothers, their wives, their sisters, their daughters, while a foreign army is still humiliating and taking away their fathers, their husbands, their brothers, their sons, while foreign secret agents are still planting explosives on their bridges and roads. It’s difficult. No, I must say that it’s hell. Do the people in the USA, in the UK, and in Australia understand this?

Then  later I realized that THEY, the Yanks and the Jews of the Cabal,  had found the best way to  exploit their very own victims psycho vulnerability to serve their own plan. That is Al Qaeda, that is ISIS.

ISIS is created by The Jews and The US.  ISIS is their project to cause chaos and destruction to the region for the long term plan of land grab in the expansion of the Jewish state. The Yinon plan.

Remember “the Clown in tweet with his hands grabbing the pussies” is their master piece of a project of the decade.  You may laugh now and shrug all off .. But F. William Engdahl and I will see you in the eyes at the end of the day.

Also please, engrave in your memory that THEY  deliberately  let their men get killed at Pearl Harbor , planned to murder their own people by blowing up a passenger airline (Operation Northwoods), executed their own sitting President in broad daylight in front of the whole world to watch, and some years later executed his own brother the coming-president also in front of people eyes. THEY murdered their own soldiers (The USS Liberty). They brazenly pulled the 911 with carelessness that is full of obvious inside job self-evidence- explosions and controlled demolition … But  no one could do nothing to them. The people swallowed everything they explained though so absurd and illogical. They got away with everything. And that means THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING ./.

F. William Engdahl, “Trump is a Project”

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F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

Join us as we discuss Trump and the latest happening geopolitically…

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Russia Effectively Smashing
US-Supported Terrorists in Syria

By Stephen Lendman

Russia’s military intervention in Syria at the request of its government began two years ago today – September 30.

It dramatically changed the dynamic on the ground, turning sure defeat into eventual triumph.

Thousands of square miles of Syrian territory were liberated from the scourge of US-supported terrorists, defeating Washington’s imperial aims, wanting regime change, the country transformed into another vassal state.

Tass reviewed Russian operations over the past two years, saying “victory over terrorism is near.” Its efforts transformed armed opposition conflicting groups into “a common front in the struggle against terrorists.”

What began two years ago today “is entering its final phase,” Russian air power enabling Syrian and allied forces to regain control over “85% of the country’s territory,” a remarkable turnaround from conditions before Moscow’s involvement.

Washington didn’t expect it, intending to eliminate Assad the way it ruthlessly killed Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

Things didn’t go as planned. Russia foiled US objectives, achieving them highly unlikely, a significant body blow to its regional aims, a step closer to defeating them worldwide.

In Syria, Aleppo was liberated late last year, the country’s pre-war commercial hub. Historic Palmyra was freed twice, hopefully for good after the second time.

The campaign to liberate Zeir Ezzor province entirely from US-supported terrorists continues, ISIS’ last stronghold in the country. Its three-year-long siege of the city was broken, security sweeps underway to eliminate its remnants in residential and other areas.

“Official forecasts regarding the chances of a successful completion of the anti-terrorist operation sound ever more optimistic,” said Tass.

Ahead of the Deir Ezzor campaign, Akerbat was liberated, “a major transport hub and command center (and stronghold) of the terrorists in the east of Hama province,” Tass explained.

“With the loss of the city the terrorists were no longer able to regroup forces, receive ammunition and supplies, while the Syrian government army gained access to Deir Ezzor.”

During 24 months of combat, 38 Russian military personnel perished, including General Valery Asapov, the coordinates of his location almost certainly provided ISIS by US forces. Washington bears responsibility for his death.

Russian and American objectives in Syria are world’s apart – Moscow combating terrorism, Washington supporting it. Bilateral relations are dismal on virtually everything except cooperation in non-military space activities.

Astana peace talks spearheaded by Russia continue making progress – without significant breakthroughs so far because Washington wants endless war and regime change, waging a losing battle, pursuing it anyway.

According to Russia’s reconciliation center, 2,200 localities joined the ceasefire agreement. More than 230 armed groups agreed to observe it.

Reconstruction in some areas began, restoring power, water and other essential infrastructure a vital first step, along with supplying humanitarian aid – Russia, Iran and Damascus alone providing it.

Nothing from America. Nothing from the EU. Nothing from regional Arab countries. Nothing from Israel, of course. Woefully inadequate UN help, Syrians on their own, dependent on their government and allies.

Moscow remains firmly committed to Syrian sovereign independence, its territorial integrity, and right of its people alone to choose their leadership, free from foreign interference.

“Both Russian and Syrian military commanders stress the intention to push ahead with the operation until the elimination of the last terrorist” nationwide, said Tass.

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