PQC:  Only If the “intellectual” class knows that in this NWO, only the exceptionalists, namely the Yanks and the Jews have the right to threat and attack anyone they see fit. They are the “law” onto themselves . They, the yanks and the jews, they have no shame, not an iota of decency at all.  If you expect these normal things from them, you are just an imbecile. They just talk and make any statement they like regardless of facts, and they don’t give a damn about the audience . Becuase they just can. Besides, they have an army of pressitutes to amplify their slime as truth to their loyal sheeples.

The UN is just a true kind of kindergarten, a sesame street  of “leaders”. So just watch it and have fun if you have nothing else to do. But don’t take them seriously.  They said what they had been told. Oh I miss the way Hugo Chavez counterattacked the retard dubya as  the devil with sulfur thing!. And now Iran’s Rouhani calling “the clown in tweet” the rogue newcomer.

If you really want care about your life, your children’ live, find time to do your own research and get to know about the Cabal, who  literally  decides the air you are breathing, the food you are eating, the things you kids are learning… even the way you are thinking and reacting. They deliberately provoke you, distract you from real thing that truly affect you and  your family as true human beings.  They constantly make you run around them, react to whatever stupid, absurd they said. They have made you think THEY are the important people, their clothes, their shoes, their tweets, their dogs, their cats, their stupid activity… and you and your life are not. That’s why millions and millions have gone to kill and be killed for them.

It’s your life, It’s your own short time in this planet earth. It’s all up to you.

Remember what Carl Sagan had informed us before he died Everyone must die, including this planet.