PQC: One should know that the herd of sheeples  with its cognitive dissonance system strongly wired will devour anyone trying to wake them up from their “dream”. How many truth preachers have passed and faded away? How many whistle blowers have been forgotten? They all believe that IF THE PEOPLE KNEW…IF THE PEOPLE KNOW…

And yet, politically speaking,  the People have been told, informed for years, even before the existence of the Internet information highway, by countless whistle-blowers with evidences of their Government atrocities,  corporation crimes, the whole system is a fraud. Since then, many so-called conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts in front of their naked eyes…But…all  the efforts and life risking of these extraordinary persons, who have consciously chosen to put not only themselves on the line but also their loved ones  in the hell storm of governments… to inform the people, to wake them up… and..

And yet, they (including this humble yours truly) keep trying despite all odds … We are indeed an amazing species!