PQC: All the questions needed to be asked but never be asked is that who or what has protected this kind of unbalance system for thousands of years? What if there is no monopoly of power in  centralized authority which often make laws that favor small group of upper class while restrict and suppress the rest?

People often talk about the strongs versus the weaks in society. But what makes the strongs, always in minority, become strong, powerful while the rest, the majority become weak? it’s obvious that the statist system, its legal system that enable such mess.

Oh no, no, no please! we mankind cannot live without centralized authority! Without centralized authority with exclusive brute force, society will be in chaos, the stronger will swallow the weaker!

-Is it exactly the situation they are complaining now? Is is exactly what has been happening?

The capitalist, the socialists, or whoeverist can hardly do anything excessive to me if I have true freedom of association and true freedom of self-defense. When individuals have to register and wait for permission to exercise his/her “freedoms/rights” ,  that is not right, that’s not freedom. It’s controlled action, it’s managed activity. Case in point: around the world,  regardless of democracy or communist, socialist system of government. America, France, China, Cuba, or whatever, Governments and  business associations are expanding while worker unions have been cracked down with new laws.  In the mean time new laws are passed to empower and protect big corporations such as Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, Bayer and the police force!

Who are beating up demonstrating workers? The capitalist? the Socialists? It’s the police force! It’s Government force. It’s the force of statist law!