aipacusaThe story of “holocaust with 6 million Jews” helped  to give  birth to  the Jewish state at the endless suffering of the Palestinians, who actually the true Hebrews who have live there for thousand years (not the Jews from  Khazar of Europe) . The story of “holocaust with 6 million Jews”  has also driven the plight of the German people, who were brutally and inhumanely treated by the “righteous” victors after 1945, into the memory hole of history. But it’s not all. This official holocaust  fake history has helped the Jews into the peak of their ascendancy with the Holocaust industry they setup. This fake story of holocaust has given the Jews a unique special treatment the Western world has ever experienced, in which even the “superior whites” have become expandable (the USS Liberty, Rachel Corrie are just few examples). It has helped to silence any criticism of Jews- “Jews” has become the sacred word, the untouchable word that no-one dare to utter unless in the form of ass-kissing or blowjobs.

The 911 false flag and its official story have given the Jews, on top of the holocaust story,  all the benefit from the blood of all victims.  911 has made the whole Western world henchmen for the Jewish Cabal. Since 911 and with 911 as the pretext and justification, the US-led West has assaulted and destroyed the Muslim world with money and  blood of their own citizens. While Jews have enjoyed special treatment and are untouchable,  Muslims have been demonized, humiliated and attacked everywhere from West to East. Muslims people as a whole themselves must bear part of the responsibility for their plight because of  their naivety and hot-head reaction, though which has been used and manipulated.

The Jews in side and outside of Israel  are the single beneficiary who  have reaped all the fruit of  the 911 operation. Look at  Europe now, the people of Europe are paying the price for 911-based wars.  And the America, the USA,  as a nation, a society , a people that was once an inspiration for the whole world,  has totally become a war machine of  the “tiny” AIPAC – (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee). Since 911, the people of the USA have lost,  on top of the 3000 lives at the THREE buildings of  WTC , literally everything,  particularly their sanity and humanity.  All they have gained so far is having become a laughing stock of the world.

As long as  the true perpetrators of 911 are still “at large”,  and the truth about  911 still has been suppressed and denied by the very us, the people of this planet, we and our posterity  all will be  in chained killing one another for their NWO.

-We all are the victims of the  911 false flag. Don’t ever forget this.