We don’t know how many children have been born since 911. But we do know what they have been taught about 911 at school is no different from that of the MSM, the official 911 conspiracy theory, all the brazen shameless lies.

I cannot bring myself to watch or listen to all the official 911 commemoration. For they are all full of  lies and crocodile tears from all the third rate political actors and actresses. Nothing new, only uglier and more brazen than the year before.

What are we? What will  become all of us as human race if the obvious lie and crime of 911 prevail as they are now?

Unlike the execution of Kennedy brothers in the 60s which is the USA problem,  911 is not just about the USA.  It’s about all of us as one humanity, not only because 911 has been used as main justification for the killing of millions people, the destruction of other countries, and the total assault on human rights and civil rights by all governments around the world,  but because 911 lies and crime challenge the human decency and human dignity as a whole.

If we as humankind accept the USA Government’ s  911 conspiracy theory  as fact and truth, and let our posterity  swallows this brazen lie and crime from official history book,  we all undo the works of countless of our truth tellers who scarified their lives to give our world, our humanity a  true meaning. They told the truth with their lives to free humanity from darkness of ignorance,  and  that of  power.

The burden of exposing the lie and crime of 911 does not lie alone on the shoulder of those who live in the land called the USA, but on all of ours.