28pagesofshitToday is the 16th anniversary of 911, the most horrendous single false flag filled with brazen lies that enabled the killing of millions civilians and the destruction of several countries in Middle East by the US-led West. To this date the so-called secret evidences that prove Osama Bin Laden masterminded the attack still remains secret.

However, there are 28 pages of 9/11 report that “potentially” ” show the link  between “911 terrorists” with top levels of the Saudi Government. But … the information is so important and dangerous that if it is revealed to public it will be national security risk to the USA!

The information, the EVIDENCE,  the PROOF that exposes the true culprits of a mass murder which must be presented to the public, to the court of justice  somehow becomes so dangerous to national security that even senators, congresspersons are not allowed to read them in full, only the redacted version but have to sign a non-disclosure oath!

What a fucking logic it is!

And the Jamerikans, the sophisticated, highly educated people in the whole Western world,  and their mighty fourth estate  have just  swallowed this logic (sic)  just like a kid sucking his favorite ice cream, without question or challenge. Its absurdity goes beyond any word!

I myself just wonder about the person or persons who wrote the report, and those who read it, analyzed it, redacted it. Who the hell are they? Did they really?

The word “democracy” has lost its meaning completely because the people have lost its decency, they have lost the respect to themselves.

Western people now all have thick skin. At home they live like sheeple,  but when they travel around the world they preach democracy, rule of law, human dignity, human-rights, truth, true journalism , all of which  they no longer have,  no longer believe… while their governments delivering these “sacred values” by drones with high-tech bombs to sleeping children, wedding family gatherings.

What a wonderful world!