Dear Readers,

I know we all have short memory. That’s why I have to bring this up again. The Big Short is truly big. It’s going to happen again. The difference is,  this time THEY will short your whole lives with the so-called banksters and Governments’ Blockchain. As I wrote some time ago there is no such thing as Government blockchain or private blockchain.  Blockchain is public. If it’s not public (like bitcoin and other crypto-currencies) it’s not blockchain. Period.

People have short memory. That’s how THEY shorted people’s lives with the so-called WWI with the big noble promise of “ENDING ALL WAR” … only to hoodwink  people into another bigger more destructive war, the WWII. Then the Korean War, The Vietnam War, and on and on and on… and people still believe and trust THEM! And instead of facing their true enemies, the true perpetrators, people again blame their fellow victims, migrants, the poor for for all things government and corporations- the true fascists as Mussolini declared,   have done to them. Haven’t you?

Fascists are not the guys who are leftist or rightist, who have different opinions or world views to yours, but the corporatist system that rules over you and those who running it against you.

I KNOW YOU already DID, BUT Please watch this AGAIN, and think hard about other things that they control and promise you. That’s all I ask.


Watch The Big Short