hardsheepleonejpg-I’ve heard quite a few criticism  with contempt for the North Korean people on how  they have put up with such a clown, a punk, a scumbag like Kim Jung Un? Yes, these criticism do have merit and rightly so. Such a coward people.. uhm Asian people.. They are soooo stupid and sooo submissive… I am an Asian, and I have to agree with these critics. It’s the fact. there is no excuse for this. The core of our so-called Asian culture and values is obedience, respect for authority. What a shit thing we have!

Anyway, as I look at the democratic West, where I am living now, particularly the leader of the West, I cannot help but laugh into tears. The Yankees have not only put up but “democratically” selected such clowns at least two times in recent decades. First they had the stupid autistic clown “t’rorrist Dubya“, who lied them into war, which murdered millions of Afgans, Iraqi, and thousand of their owns, shredded their so-called sacred constitution to pieces…Then a “son of whore” Kenyan (ask the Filipino Rodrigo Duterte, I have no responsibility for this) got in,  only to expand the stupidity of his predecessor. And then now, they have  the Kosher Nostra  “Jriminal” clown in tweet acting and talking shit. Worst of all, they have been cheering to have their selected leaders one by one take turn performing deepest blowjobs to the Jews at AIPAC in a lowest manner that the world has ever seen, almost without any exception.

Lest you did not know, they love KKK! Ask Paul Craig Roberts, the apologist, an admirer of the war criminal Reagan, about this. Or  ask the Zerohedgians or the Saker crowd (go there and read for yourselves):  KKK was there to protect and preserve “white christian values”, their “heritage,” their “true history”… and the honor of white christian women…against … Blacks, who had been their slaves for hundreds of years, for fuck sake!!!

You know NON-WHITES have no right to resist or take revenge, which are exclusively for Whites only. Of course, it’s according to the White value system, NON-WHITES only have two choices: To be good slaves, or be terrorists! Did you know that Phan Boi Chau Phạm Hong Thai -Luther Martin King Jr, Nelson Mandela were terrorists?

Hundreds of years of Western colonialism and its brutal pillage in non-white lands  in the name of Christ is OK. It’s their glorious history and heritage. Dare you to take up arms in resistance or vendetta, you will become barbarians, uncivilized and terrorists who only love and understand violence.

Oh I was wrong, the Jews now not only merely have joined  but become the leader of the exclusive club of right to exist, self-defense, take revenge, and freedom of threat! Palestinians belong to the rest non-white goyim,  have none!

What? I exaggerate? What have the exceptionalist Yankees done when the Jews brazenly murdered their mighty soldiers in the USS Liberty? I wouldn’t dare to mention 911 and the dancing Jews. It’s “conspiracy theory” you know!

What should I say about the people of “Jamerika” then? Stupid? Coward? Zombified? I have no word but despise them.

Oh, at least the Jamerikans are somehow “better”, more superior for they “chose” to have their clowns selected by  their “representatives” whereas the North Koreans have been forced to swallow such shit.

That’s their arguments, their rationality .

Every time I go to airports, no matter where it is.  I can see no Asian, no Westerner, no Arab, no White, no Black… all I see is a herd of sheeple.

I rest my case.